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7 Reasons We're Super Pumped For Mike And Nicole's Wedding

Can it be February 7th already?!

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1. We get a week off of work.


Vacation, all I ever wanted,

Vacation, had to get away...

2. We get to travel to a place we've never been before.

Hello CuraƧao!

Hello Curaçao!


Hasta luego, polar vortex!

Hasta luego, polar vortex!

4. Pristine, white sand beaches.


Never leavin' this lounge chair.

5. Umbrella drinks

You can find us at the pool bar.

You can find us at the pool bar.

6. We get to parrrrtayyyy with our best friends!

Barbara Kyttle

7. We get to witness these two crazy kids get hitched!

Mike Lee

Much love to the happy couple!!

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