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    • tblackwell

      So countersink screws. Useajig for those you can’t countersink (and they’re not expensive-if you plan on building more than one thing, you should get and learn how to useajig).Asimple freebie class at Home Depot can teach you to hide brackets (and how to useajig, if you don’t already know). Most of this stuff is simple woodworking and knowing how to make things straight. You don’t needapower saw to cutapiece of wood (and if you do use one, they’re pretty inexpensive foradecent one that will do the job; some places will even rent them to you cheap). And if you build it, you can choose organically-based paints and not give two hoots about those ridiculous warning tags from California telling you your kid’s sand box is going to give them seven kinds of cancer. Not everything needs spray paint (really, I’m more worried about the food my kids eat thanIam exposure to dried spray paint on something). You can MAKE your own spray paint with organic paints andasimple air atomizer bottle-completely propellant free. And it won’t cost you ANYWHERE NEAR $400 forasand box, of all things.  I’ve seen MANY DIY knockoffs that look better than the original-most of them are Anthro knockoffs as well as quiteafew Pottery Barn ones.Ican’t justify $200 foralamp base whenIcan buy one at Goodwill, paint it, buy my own linen fromafabric store and rehab an old lampshade, and get the exact same look for twenty bucks (yep, just did this, and someone thought the thing came from PB-someone who spends an awful lot of money in PB!).Idon’t bother with knocking off bedding (it’s far too much trouble),Ijust wait foragood sale. But some of this stuff is ridiculously overpriced (and yes,Ibuy an awful lot of stuff from PB-and Target-and Goodwill….and no,Idon’t live in an apartment oratrailer-LOL).

    • tblackwell

      So choose safe paints. Simple. Countersink your screws and use a jig to set the ones you can’t countersink. (If you’re going to do any sort of nice woodwork, you need a jig. And they’re cheap.) Hiding brackets doesn’t take special skill - it takes extremely basic knowledge of woodworking. You can learn how to do it in a freebie class at Home Depot. You’re still not paying four hundred dollars for a flipping sandbox. And I’m much happier that my product doesn’t come with warning labels.

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