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    These Simple Plastic Cases Are The Secret To Stress-Free Traveling

    It's the little things, really.

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    Sometimes I wonder if it’s normal to get as happy as I do when it’s time to pack for a trip.


    I just love the organization of it all (which is funny because my actual room in my house is a hot mess). Everything in my suitcase has a home, and that includes my toiletries and electronic cords. And their home is inside one of my clear plastic toiletry cases.

    I have so many of them, but my favorite set comes from Baggallini.

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    And let me stop you right here before I begin to expound the virtues of these life-changing cases — because I know what you're probably thinking. Really? You're this excited about a set of *plastic cases*?

    In a word, yes. I’ve used them for years, and they’ve lasted through several trips around the world.

    They’re sturdy, durable, and reliable, and using them to organize all my stuff truly does help to reduce unnecessary travel-related stress.

    The set comes with three different-sized bags (available in black and red), though I only have two of them left because I accidentally forgot the third one, in a hotel room, with all of my makeup inside. When I realized it was gone, it was one of those devastating, movie-like moments that involved me throwing every single thing from my suitcase around my room in a fit of fury and sorrow. And if I’m being honest, I was more upset about the pouch than I was about the makeup.

    So yeah, back to why I love these amazing plastic cases.


    For starters — if you hadn't noticed — you can see everything inside of them. So there's no digging through your bag or dumping everything out on a countertop to find what you’re looking for. They are perfect for holding just about anything: my hefty Polaroid collection, receipts I save, my makeup, the absurd amount of toiletries that I travel with, accessories for all of my electronics, and more. I travel with a ton of electronics, so I always have extra cables, chargers, and cords lying around. Using the larger pouch helps me keep those things in one place so I always know where they are; it also makes working remotely way easier when I know I’m not leaving anything at home.

    I've even used them to keep my wet bathing suit away from my dry stuff. (You're welcome.) And when you're not using the cases, you just stack 'em inside each other for easy storage. They are so versatile and simply a *joy* to use. There I go again getting overexcited about packing!

    Another reason I never head out on a trip without them is that they make going through security a breeze. If I’m using a carry-on, I'll pack my toiletries and liquids in the mid-size pouch (which is compliant with TSA regulations); it’s easy to take out of my bag, and it's sturdier than using a ziplock.

    Look, if you don't believe me (and/or are suspicious of how ridiculously excited I get about packing, which, fair), let me assure you: I'm not the only one who's a fan. Check out some of these promising reviews from satisfied Amazon customers:

    "These continue to hold up well after many trips and are very useful in separating certain toiletry items like mouthwash and other liquids that could leak. I never put liquid items in my travel bag and that is where these serve so well." —Ted

    "Wonderful quality. No wrinkles in plastic/bag. Wish they offered in other sizes. I use the two smaller bags in my purse to help keep it clean and organized. The quality really I amazing. They hold their shape perfectly! I haven't found a use for the largest bag in the set but I know I will. Worth every penny." —Monica Martin

    "I adore these three bags. I can't imagine traveling without them. Perfect sizes for everything!" —Fran

    Have I convinced you that you need these in your life yet?

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    Get a set of three from Amazon for $23.96.

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