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31 Years of Vintage Christmas Commercials (1980-2001)

From my nostalgia to yours, here are the most popular Christmas ads from 1980 to 2001. My god, 1987 was a good year.

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  • 1. A Norelco Christmas (1980)

    Animation didn't really progress much in the 80's did it?

  • 2. E.T. Christmas (1981)

    Wow. Worst. Christmas. Ever.

  • 3. Kentucky Fried Chicken Christmas (Early 1980's)

    Oh, no thank you, bland obvious marketing ploy, I'm fine.

  • 4. An M&M's Christmas (1982)

    The first in the long-standing M&M-Christmas relationship

  • 5. McDonald's Ice Skating Christmas Commercial (1983)

    Ice skating is the most melodramatic of the sports isn't it?

  • 6. Folger's Coffee "Peter Comes Home For Christmas" (1984)

    I can't hear the mother's voice without associating it to Wendy's in "Hook". I always expect the next words out of her mouth to be, "Oh, Peter! You've become a pirate."

  • 7. Kraft T.V. Special Recipes (Mid-1980's)

    "You start with apple sauces pecans and cinnamon THEN heat Cheeze Whiz brand processed cheese spead the marvelous microwave in a minute cheese spread. Add to apple sauce mixture and serve with red and green apples and pears." Damn Gina! Remember Parkay margarine and Lender's Bagels?

  • 8. A Polaroid Christmas (1986)

    You know what he looks like, right? Who cares?

  • 9. McDonalds Star Wish Christmas (1987)

    The first Christmas commercial I remember seeing.

  • 10. 7-UP Christmas (1987)

    The commercial takes on depth when you realize that 7-Up is boiling hot

  • 11. A Nabisco Christmas (1987)

    Boy, lucky holiday coincidence for Nabisco, huh?

  • 12. Fruity Pebbles Christmas (1987)

    The gold-standard of Christmas cereal commercials.

  • 13. M&Ms Christmas Ad (1987)

    Red AND Green?

  • 14. Crunch Berries Christmas (1988)

    I think this was one of the first ad's for Crunch berries actually. Of all the gimmicks I'm shocked this one stuck, but I could also say the same for ecto-cooler.

  • 15. A 7-Up Christmas (1988)

    That phone at the end is the first-place trophy at the hipster olympics.

  • 16. Pizza Hut and the solar shades (1989)

    I mean, that's what we're wearing now, right? In the future. We wear those? Now? Right?

  • 17. Kellogs Cornflakes Christmas Ad (Late 80's)

    That older brother makes viral videos about Saving Private Ryan now.

  • 18. CookieCrisp Commercial, Christmas Edition (1989)

    I love the look of the 80's/90's commercials. I alway thought a show would come out with that look, but it never happened. Too expensive?

  • 19. A Honey Nut Cheerio's Christmas (1989)

    The gold-standard of Christmas cereal commercials starring bees. Literally the same exact plot as the Fruity Pebbles one. Cereal warms hearts.

  • 20. Duracell Christmas Commercial (1990)

    Did those not chargers not work? We still have a old Duracell box at my house that we use to check our batteries on to this day.

  • 21. Campbells Snowman Commercial (1991)

    I thought this was much older. I would have guessed like 82'?

  • 22. Jello Jiggers (1992)

    It's like eating soft glass.

  • 23. Nestle Dog Commerical ... Chocolate (1992)

    ... chocolate. Classic line.

  • 24. A Sega Genesis Christmas (1992)

    Now those kids stay at home and play DoDA.

  • 25. Coca Cola (1992)

    First on the list, but not the last.

  • 26. Hallmark Christmas Commercial Epic (1993)

    Two-and-a-half-minutes? You go, Hallmark! P.s. Tom's a dick.

  • 27. An Oreo Christmas (1994)

    You couldn't just pocket'em and throw'em away outside? Is there a rule where Santa has to eat whatever you put on a plate?

  • 28. Budweiser Christmas (1995)

    Blah, Blah, Horses, Blah, Blah.

  • 29. Hershey's Kisses (1996)

    Again, thought it was older. Don't care for this one actually. At least it's fast.

  • 30. A Nintendo 64 Christmas (1998)

    Then: Hated it. Now: Love it. Am I more mature or less?

  • 31. Coca Cola Polar Bears (1999)

    "Polar bears ... shouldn't give this ... to their babies." - Stan Smith, "American Dad", chugging a whole can.

  • 32. Coca Cola Mistletoe (2000)

    Is this the world's most attractive high school dance or what?

  • 33. Coca Cola Trucks (2001)

    I remember there being a surprise ending. There isn't.

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