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Top 10 Kinect Hacks

You're a genius Microsoft. Release a ground-breaking peripheral that will change the world. Pair it with an abysmal initial line-up and watch nerd-ire invent its worth for you. To celebrate the second week of Kinect being open source, let's honor the device's most amazing creations and their pioneers

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  • 1. Real-life Virtual Worlds

    Okreylos, you just invented the future of porn and online security. Grats.

  • 2. Draw in 3D

    Oh, Memo Akten. You look just like Tom Cruise too. But you will NEVER be Tom Cruise!

  • 3. Screensaver your life.

    Flight404's Kinect hacks would work great as filters that take what's happening in another room and project them as a screen-saver playing on every screen on your house. Like horror music video, house on fire, fat family, ASCII art. Think about that. That's what's up.

  • 4. Play/Make Music

    Thanks to TIM885885and original creator SvenisNumb, you can play music. Soon.

  • 5. Shadow Puppets

    Pietrogrifon is making sure that kids are never entertained by anything analog ever again.

  • 6. Control Robots

    Control robots! Better yet, the robot knows you need something in the other room because it can see you. Actually, is that a "better yet"? I don't know. Either way, praise/blame WillowGarageVideo

  • 7. Control the Internet

    Thanks to Fluid Interfaces you will one day control websites with the same dismissive hand gestures reserved for lords and emperor's. Away, foul yahoo. Away!

  • 8. Control your computer

    Working in tandem with the fluid guys, Evoluce1's Windows work makes the whole computer thing one step closer to the scene in that "Back to the Future II" scene where Marty Jr.'s all like, Channel 5 and Channel 11 and ... Channel 4 and ...

  • 9. World-Altering Audio

    Make your own music videos, 3D levels in games, Alter images and movies with sound - pkmital you don't even know what this does yet, do you?

  • 10. Have Sex

    I means what I say. Click here for full frontal proofing (NSFW).    P.s. This one is fake. For now.

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