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    30 Awesome Pet Costumes From Etsy

    Alternate title: "30 Pets Who Hate Their Lives."

    1. Lady Gaga

    2. A Zebra

    3. Elfin Dog Cap

    You could probably even reuse this on Christmas!

    4. A Kind Bull

    Look at that grin

    5. Little Miss Muffet

    oh my god

    6. Cinderella

    A photo from the future...

    7. Mini Giraffe

    8. Ewoks

    9. A Lion

    For ferocious pups of all sizes

    10. The Grumpy Elf

    11. Harry Pawter

    12. A Mexican


    13. A Native American Princess

    14. A Hot Dog

    15. A Beaver

    Just wait until you see the front view.....

    16. The Mini Monkey Hat

    17. Davy Crocket

    King of the Wild Frontier

    18. Toast

    This cat hates its owner more than words can express

    19. Thing 1

    20. The Eleventh Doctor

    Fezzes are Cool

    21. Pebbles

    22. The Peep Poncho

    23. A Football

    This cap can be worn by all pets!

    lucky them!

    24. The Boob Scarf

    25. Nerd/School Boy

    26. Naughty Nurse

    27. The Lil' Devil Hat

    28. A Crazy Hair Wig

    29. The Pimp

    30. Happy Halloween!

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