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    15 Very Good Cat Posts To Get You Through The Rest Of This Week

    The black cat on the field at the New York Giants football game > every other athlete there has ever been.

    Hannah Wong / BuzzFeed

    1. This mama and her bb were TOO stinkin' cute!!!

    u/Luciphyr729 / Via

    2. This guy was so very LORG:

    u/ptrk83 / Via

    3. This trio guarded the bathroom:

    u/bayranger / Via

    4. She let us know how she really feels!!!

    did she just shake her fist at me

    5. This cat got a lovely new hat!!!

    u/mayallrob_ / Via

    6. This bean gave their tail a tiny chomp:

    7. These babies shared a special bond:

    Still not sure how this could be, but I found both an abandoned kitten and, independently, an abandoned puppy on Halloween. They are now bonded, and abandoned no more.

    8. This kitten was sweet as could be:

    9. This guy enjoyed breakfast in bed:

    Breakfast in bed for the master of the house

    10. This smol bean gave a rather judgmental stare!!!

    u/lavalampdreams / Via

    11. This one was oh-so gentle:

    12. This chonk really went for it!!!

    Chunky boy wants to get the feather!

    13. This pretty kitty was truly a work of art:

    14. This one had a very polite request:

    15. And finally, this kitters got a touchdown!!!

    Kevin Harlan's Westwood One radio call of the cat on the field is, as you might expect, an all-time great call. How much of a pro is Harlan? He worked a sponsor read into it.

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