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    A Black Cat Ran Across The Field At A Giants Game And I Can't Tell If It's Bad Luck Or Absolutely Adorable

    PEAK πŸ‘ SCORPIO πŸ‘ SZN πŸ‘

    Before I start, let me be very clear: I NEVER in a million years thought I'd be covering a football story. I β€” no offense β€” literally couldn't care less about sports. But last night, EVERYTHING changed.

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    Because last night while the New York Giants played the Dallas Cowboys β€” in what is affectionately known as "Monday Night Football" β€” a BLACK CAT RAN ACROSS THE FOOTBALL FIELD!!!!!!!!!!

    lmao a black cat ran onto the field during the giants game

    Emilee Chinn / Getty Images


    Emilee Chinn / Getty Images


    Emilee Chinn / Getty Images


    Emilee Chinn / Getty Images

    There was even some *superb*, A+, very good commentary!!!!!!! Please see here:

    And here he is scoring a TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Favorite touchdown at MetLife! #BlackCat

    Twitter (obvi) had a lot of thoughts:

    me before the cowboys/giants game: i don’t like football me watching a black cat storm the field of a cowboys/giants game: i may like football

    A BLACK CAT just randomly interrupting the Giants game. This is either really good for the Giants or REALLY bad

    Impressive performance by a black cat that got onto the field at MetLife, briefly interrupting Giants-Cowboys game.

    Cat at the #Giants #Cowboys game like....... Get me bitch πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    metlife stadium security letting someone in the giants/cowboys game with a cat

    *Cat runs on to the field* Every single person tuned into the the giants game:

    These doggos also had a lot to say regarding the nine-lives-having intruder:

    Who Just Saw the Black Cat on the Football Field During the Dallas Cowboy/NY Giants Game ?!? Gigi Did ! LOL !! πŸ˜‚πŸΆ #DallasCowboys #rescuesrock #lovemygigigirl

    Regarding the whereabouts and condition of this kitters, MetLife Stadium (where the New York Giants play, apparently) issued this comforting statement:

    For those wondering about the status of our furry friend 😺 at tonight’s @Giants gameπŸ‘‡ The black cat ran off the field and disappeared under a seating section. Once we locate and safely capture the cat, we will take it to a veterinarian for examination. #BlackCat | #DALvsNYG

    In conclusion, I'm gonna plug my own tweet and emphasize the chaotic ~spooky~ energy this all possesses:

    this black cat on the field at the giants game is peak scorpio szn

    Go Giants?


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