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What Movie Is Really Bad, But Also Really Entertaining?

"Good" is subjective!

There are certain movies that are considered "good" by pretty much everyone.

But have you ever seen a movie that was so bad, it was good?

Maybe you thought The Kissing Booth was one big high school cliché, but you were also pretty captivated by Elle and Noah's romance.

Perhaps you thought the Twilight series was very cringey, but you became very invested in the Bella-Edward-Jacob love triangle.

Maybe you thought the whole dating app plot of Swiped was so bad, you just couldn't look away.

Heck, maybe you prefer the classics and thought The Room was both the worst movie of all time and the funniest thing you'd ever seen.

Tell us what bad movie you think is good — and why you feel that way — and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!