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    I'm Obsessed With Everything About Harry Styles' New Album And It Hasn't Even Been Released Yet

    Thank you for this Monday blessing, Harry Styles.

    BREAKING NEWS: Harry Styles announced that his new album Fine Line will be released on December 13, 2019!!!

    This is really all the information we have, but I, for one, am already obsessed.

    NBC / Via

    And yes, "Lights Up" is easily the Bop of the Year™.

    First, I am obsessed with Harry's outfit, which is perfect!!!

    Twitter: @Harry_Styles / Via Twitter: @Harry_Styles

    Upon closer inspection, you'll notice the pants, which are EXTREMELY high-waisted and the suspenders, which blend in with his flamingo-pink shirt!!

    Twitter: @Harry_Styles / Via Twitter: @Harry_Styles

    There are also eight (8) buttons on the pants.

    I am also very interested in this hand.

    Twitter: @Harry_Styles / Via Twitter: @Harry_Styles

    Who is she??

    I am very into this fisheye effect, which is very artsy and COOL!!

    Twitter: @Harry_Styles / Via Twitter: @Harry_Styles

    I love that the album is coming out December 13, which is far enough away to build anticipation, but not SO far away that we'll be sick of hearing about it.

    Twitter: @Harry_Styles / Via Twitter: @Harry_Styles

    It's also a FRIDAY, which is a lil' ~spooky~!

    Apple / me

    And finally, I'm obsessed with the fact that Harry inexplicably posted the album cover to his Instagram three separate times.

    Instagram: @harrystyles


    In conclusion, thank you for this, Harry Styles. Fine Line is the best album I have never heard.

    Erskine / Columbia Records / Via

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