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    38 Things You Won't Believe You've Survived This Long Without

    You won't have any excuse now...

    1. The Pink Stuff cleaning paste because no sticky saucepans, streaky stainless steel, or gunked-up glass shall prosper against you or this versatile and easy-to-use cleaner. This can also remove those colorful drawings your kids left on your white walls!

    2. An eight-second L'Oreal rinse-out treatment for shinier, healthier, and silkier hair in, well, eight seconds.

    3. Downy Wrinkle Releaser fabric spray if you have no time, space, or energy to iron. That's not a problem! Just spray, tug, and hang to dry for wrinkle-free clothes in no time flat!

    4. A skin-repairing body oil chock-full of natural oils to help reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Its skin renewal formula may also help get rid of acne scars, surgery scars, and so much more!

    image of lower half of reviewer's face covered in red scars from shingles
    image of the same reviewer with drastically fewer marks and scars
    image of the same reviewer with no scars on their face

    Just make sure to use sunscreen with this since it can make you a bit more sensitive to the sun.

    Promising review: "Bio-Oil is the BEST skin product on the market. I use it as a twice a day — morning and before I go to bed. Small lines have disappeared. My skin is very smooth and seems to glow. A doctor recommended this to one of my friends who told me about it. I have bought several bottles as gifts. Be patient. It will take a few months for you to see notice the changes. I am 71 years old. No one paid me to write this." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $8.92+ (available in three sizes).

    5. A bottle of bleach-free Wet & Forget shower cleaner because no one wants to scrub their bathtub clean. With this, you'll just spray it on, wait 8–12 hours, then rinse it off. Super easy!

    6. Glisten garbage disposal cleaner — it'll foam up and scrub your disposal, leaving a fresh scent behind instead of icky drainpipe odors.

    7. A grape cutter that'll quickly slice grapes into quarters so they're less of a hazard for your snacking tot. It's also safe enough for your tot to use (with your supervision, of course).

    GIF of reviewer using grape cutter to cut a grape into quarters
    reviewer image of the grape cutter and a grape

    Promising reviews: "LOVE it. It took three minutes to cut grapes that would have taken me at least 10. As a mom of a toddler, those minutes are precious. It was also fun and easy to use." —Jacqueline

    "I wish I would’ve had this a LONG time ago. This little gadget has come in so handy. If you have a toddler or small child, you NEED this. It quarters grapes, cherry tomatoes, olives, etc. so they aren’t choking hazards for little ones. So much faster than slicing every tiny grape up yourself. 10/10 would recommend." —Sara Waits

    Get it from Amazon for $11.95.

    8. A pack of Affresh dishwasher cleaner tablets so you don't risk limescale and mineral buildup affecting your dishwasher's performance. Because if a dishwasher can't properly wash dishes...it's essentially just a wet cabinet.

    series of reviewer before and after images of a dirty dishwasher becoming clean

    9. An Oral-B rechargeable electric toothbrush for easy and consistent fresh breath *and* bright smiles! Its oscillating and pulsating brush breaks up and removes waaaaaay more plaque than a regular toothbrush. About 300% more to be exact.

    image of the black electric toothbrush in a reviewer's hand

    10. A handy-dandy leather vaccination card and passport holder if you're having a hard time keeping your vaccination card, passport, wallet, and credit cards neatly organized and easily accessible.

    several different colored vaccine passports on a table
    Henney's Boutique / Etsy

    Henney's Boutique is a small Etsy shop based in Los Angeles making card holders and wallets that'll make your life just a lil' bit more organized.

    Promising review: "Just came back from travels with it and got compliments because it looked classy and official!" —Melissa Mak

    Get it from Henney's Boutique for $8+ (available in several colors and two styles).

    11. A CeraVe body wash with salicylic acid and ceramides to help you deal with any "chicken skin" flareups. This will exfoliate your skin and leave it feeling moisturized!

    Promising reviews: "Excellent for KP or other dry, rough skin issues. A must for me especially during the winter." —Abby

    "This stuff is AMAZING! I have had bumps on the back of my arms and top of my thighs for as long as I can remember. I've used this with an exfoliating sponge TWICE and they are noticeably smaller and my arms actually feel smooth!! I'm sure as I continue to use it they will be gone completely. I rarely write reviews but had to come tell you all how awesome this stuff is if you are dealing with the same problems. NO MORE CHICKEN SKIN!! YAYY." —Taymcg

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

    12. A pack of two flexible dryer vent cleaners because there's likely a bunch of trapped lint causing your clothes to still come out kinda damp. Use this to get all that fuzz out, which will also help to prevent dryer fires!

    reviewer image of the dryer vent cleaner next to a pile of lint and dust

    13. A cute chew-resistant plush toy with an ultrasonic squeaker only your dog can hear so they can have fun and you can have silence.

    Promising review: "I have an auditory processing disorder and that makes squeak toys very difficult for me. I always had to be very careful as to what toys my good girl could have. This has solved all the problems! The only sound I can hear is the air being pushed out and she goes nuts for it! Best of both worlds! If only all dog toys were like this!" —V. F.

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

    14. A natural all-purpose cleaning paste that'll give your sinks, tile, and grout a long-lasting sparkle. It's even safe enough to soak your produce in!

    15. A pet hair remover so good you might not recognize your couch after just one use! And because it doesn't use disposable adhesive strips, you can use this thing over and over and over and over and...

    A hairy dirty pilowcase
    A now clean case

    Promising review: "I am allergic to cats so here I am with two cats that shed a lot. Their hair is covering all the furniture. I have special pet covers on my bed to protect my comforter but I hate having to sleep under it since my cats sleep on my bed. I have tried so many cat hair remover brushes, gloves, sponges that never worked. I was ready to shave the cats and call it a day. Then along comes the ChomChom brush. It not only has the lint roller but a bar that collects the hair. I love the little hairball container of the roller so I don't have to spend time cleaning off the lint brush. I can't believe this product works! I have an off-white couch and I didn't realize how much hair there was. After I used it, my couch looked lighter in color. I got my comforter cleaned off in minutes. It's a simple and inexpensive way to cure your pet hair woes." —Dondi

    Get it from Amazon for $28.95.

    16. A jar of Aquaphor healing moisturizer for anyone suffering from dry, cracked, and sensitive skin. It restores moisture and promotes healing, so you can go back to living your best life.

    17. A stainless-steel foot file and callus remover to get rid of tough skin and cracks with no effort at all. Dry, discolored skin? Not here!

    18. A pack of heel protectors because you shouldn't have to suffer the pangs of plantar fasciitis or cracked heels when you're just trying to live your life. These breathable, silicone cushions will help you stand on your feet for as long as you need.

    reviewer's foot wearing a silicone heel protector

    19. A versatile chopping device that'll also dice and grate veggies to your heart's content. Stop wasting time (and tears) chopping onions by hand.