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    13 Shows On HBO Max That Basically Prove That Love Is Real

    Messy, heartbreaking, inspirational love? I'm not crying, *you're* crying.

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    Need an extra dose of affection and don't know where to turn?


    HBO Max is here with shows that reveal the complexities and the joys of love. Whether it be familial, platonic, or romantic these shows on HBO Max answer the age-old question "what's love got to do with it?" with "love is all you need."

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    1. Love Life

    Lionsgate Television

    About the show: We first meet Darby Carter (Anna Kendrick), a naive romantic working in the New York art world in 2012, and we watch as she fumbles through the insecurities of her twenties, trying to achieve success in her career and love life.

    About the love: This romantic anthology series zooms in on different years of Darby's twenties and the relationships that defined them, finally revealing who her soulmate is.

    2. Raised By Wolves

    Scott Free Productions

    About the show: Two atheistic androids, Mother and Father, are tasked with reviving the human race and creating a godless state on the planet Kepler-22b after a religious war on Earth brought humanity towards extinction. They attempt to raise children on this land seemingly devoid of all life, until monsters and zealots arrive, forcing them to question their mission and their beliefs.

    About the love: Mother and Father continue to chose the family they are creating, even in the face of their own demise, eventually making clear that though they are androids, they are capable of love, regret, and fear.

    3. Doom Patrol

    DC Comics

    About the show: A ragtag team of tragically scarred people (emotionally and physically) with superhuman powers ranging from radioactivity to multiple personalities become superheroes when their leader The Chief mysteriously disappears and they must – however reluctantly and poorly – attempt to save him and the world.

    About the love: It's safe to say that our heroes Jane, Rita Farr, Larry Trainor, Cliff Steele, and Cyborg do not like each other at the start of their mission to find The Chief and rid the world of the evils caused by Mr. Nobody. But through mishaps, sacrifices, and forced healing, they start to become each other's family.

    4. Sex And The City


    About the show: Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda are young, hot, and single in New York City – the perfect combination for a group of four friends who love adventure, each other, but most importantly who love love.

    About the love: Over the course of about seven years, watch as these four women fall in and out of love, hold space for each other while also holding each other accountable, and practice setting boundaries and standards that lead them to their perfect matches.

    5. The O.C.

    Warner Bros. Television

    About the show: In this soap opera, the smart-yet-rebellious Ryan Atwood (Ben McKenzie) moves from a broken home in Chino to a wealthy neighborhood in Orange County where he is taken in by The Cohens and begins forming a friendship with his new stepbrother, animosities with materialistic classmates, and a romantic relationship with the girl-next-door.

    About the love: Feel the angsty power of teenage love as Ryan and his stepbrother Seth (Adam Brody) fight and sass their way through high-school, parental drama, and more just to get to be with their dream girls.

    6. Random Acts Of Flyness


    About the show: This provocative, funny, and heart-opening late-night show from artist Terence Nance stitches together scripted and nonscripted vignettes to create a tapestry that highlights issues (cat-calling, police brutality, queerphobia) and blessings (community, communication, respect) within facing Black people from different walks of life.

    About the love: Terence Nance's love of Blackness and the myriad Black communities that exist is incredibly evident in this show as he unpacks a multitude of experiences Black people live through within their daily attempts at relationships, self-actualization, and surviving America.

    7. Betty

    Untitled Entertainment

    About the show: A diverse friend group of young female skaters attempt to organize an "all-girls skate sesh" while dealing with hormones, misogyny, racism, and each other.

    About the love: Watch as young women fight for each other and their love of skating, even when it gets messy, expensive, and painful. They are forced to confront their pasts and their own shortcomings in order to sustain a lasting bond that will also encourage other female skaters to join them.

    8. David Makes Man

    Harpo Films/OWN

    About the show: 14-year-old David fights to find a way out of poverty for his mother and little brother, but is held back by the the death of a friend, the code of the streets, and colorism within the wealthy school that is meant to be his ticket out of the projects.

    About the love: David shows us how grief, which is love in a different energetic form can inform your understanding of reality. David must also learn to rely on and trust the people close to him in order to get to where he wants, which goes against everything lesson he's learned where he's from.

    9. Tell Me You Love Me


    About the show: Three couples explore their relationships and the issues therein with marriage and sex therapist Dr. May Foster (Jane Alexander) who is having relationship issues of her own.

    About the love: An ensemble cast of stars (Adam Scott, Ian Somerhalder, Sonya Walger, David Selby) wholly dives into the messiness of love, sex, marriage, and trust.

    10. Barry

    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    About the show: While on a job in LA, depressed hitman Barry (Bill Hader), falls in love with acting, causing a truly surprising chain of events filled with blood, sweat, and tears.

    About the love: Barry's new love of acting (and of a fellow actor) turns him from a despondent killer of people to an accidental killer of monologues. Along the way, he must lie and make sacrifices to protect his new life from his old one.

    11. Foodie Love

    HBO Europe

    About the show: After meeting on a foodie dating app, a man and a woman fall for each other while on a food journey that forces them to examine the more unappetizing elements of their past relationships.

    About the love: Laia Costa and Guillermo Pfening star in this Spanish show where strangers become lovers over the course of several courses.

    12. Looking

    Fair Harbor Productions

    About the show: Patrick (Jonathan Groff) and his two gay best friends look for love while trying to establish themselves in their respective fields all while in San Francisco. This unfiltered comedy shows the truths of live-in boyfriends, the consequences of naïveté, casual sex, and meeting the parents.

    About the love: This show explores the hilarious and stressful modern-day questions and experiences of searching for love while queer.

    13. Trigonometry


    About the show: In West London, couple Gemma and Kieran fall into a rut as they continually get tested by time and (lack of) money. When they invite Ray to live with them in order to cut costs, she quickly turns their duo into a trio. But, can they afford the new obstacles that come their way?

    About the love: Tensions rise and rise in this show that proves that love is more than a feeling, it's an action that must be paired with compromise, honesty, and dedication.

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