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Be The Centerpiece

Li Jon Sculptured Couture, fashion, wearable art

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I recently attended a fashion show in Philadelphia; were I was so impressed and inspired by the line from “Li Jon Sculptured Couture”. In this worlds unpromising economic times, it takes major dedication and passion to launch a fashion collection and the creative director and designer of Li Jon Couture, has it. She is more than a designer she is an artist, a fashion mastermind, Li Jon Couture is now and forever. This breakout fashion artist has brilliantly maneuvered medieval craftsmanship to change the fashion industry forever. In their words; “Fashion Battles Art in House of Li Jon debut collection”.

Li Jon Couture will make a huge impact in the fashion world; not only with their distinctive style, and quality but their ability to make everything old new again – they will constantly reinvent the past and make it relevant and ever so fashionable.

"Li Jon Sculptured Couture began with the desire to evolve fashion for those who wish to be the centerpiece of a room. During this quest Lia was introduced to the art of Chainmaille, the medieval craftsmanship that was used to make armor for battle, by her partner J.W. Interested in the uniquely beautiful and stunningly powerful material, she picked up a pair of pliers and 2 years later Li Jon sculptured Couture was born.

At the start of the tedious process of opening, closing and linking anodized aluminum rings and crystals, Lia had no idea her designs would also turn into works of art that can be worn by the ultimate fashionista or displayed by the most discerning of art collectors. The unveiling event combines the concepts of fashion and art by using a traditional catwalk and an interactive art installation that allows attendees to experience the garments up close and personal."

Li Jon Sculptured Couture features women’s dresses, tops and skirts as well as a few men’s pieces. Now that the debut line is complete, House of Li Jon is in the process of their next project when they attack fabric for 2013. So stay on the look out, and the timeless piece will inspire, and take your breath away. If you demand attention, Li Jon will deliver!

View this video on YouTube

View this video on YouTube

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