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    Mars Is Currently In Retrograde – Here's What That Means

    You've heard about Mercury Retrograde, now here's what you need to know about Mars Retrograde.

    At the beginning of Virgo season, I was the most productive I've been all year. I could handle multiple work tasks at once, I didn't put off washing the dishes, I took better care of myself, and I felt unstoppable. But then Mars retrograde came on Sept. 9. Suddenly, everything felt overwhelming. I didn't feel as motivated to work and my apartment started looking like Gretchen's in You're the Worst.


    You've likely heard of Mercury Retrograde before and dread its arrival, but Mars Retrograde is also prone to causing some trouble. So what does Mars retrograde actually mean?

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    To understand it better, BuzzFeed spoke to astrologer Adama Sesay, creator of, to explain it all.

    "Mars is the planet of action, how to get things done, our passion, how we do things. It's how you physically get things done and the amount of energy you have to get things done. It rules things like your temper, so people who have certain Mars get angrier than others. It also rules our sex drive," she explains.

    "That's Mars in general. Then Mars rules the signs Aries and Scorpio. When Mars was direct, prior to September 9th, it went retrograde, it was in its best position it can be in. People may have noticed. I definitely noticed, that I was really doing a lot, working hard. A lot of assignments came on me towards the end of the month when we were in the thick of that. People may have noticed that they wanted to take outward action to get things done. They may have been more aggressive. I mean, we saw a lot of aggression just in the media and just explosive things happening. That's really Mars and Aries. Aries is also a fire sign and this is a very intense placement."

    If you've been feeling a slowdown in productivity, there's a reason for this. "In general, retrogrades in astrology turn the energy inward and the energy is focused on the inner being and the person, versus the exterior," clarifies Adama.

    "When you have Mars going retrograde, it focuses all the energy in size and inward. Anything that you want to get done taking a very intense approach about it, you may feel like you're just kind of spinning your wheels and just causing yourself more stress. You just kind of feel like things are moving slower and you can experience the slowdown of action in whatever area of life it's happening for you."

    Adama gave a great tip on how to work with this lack of energy and not let it stop you from thriving at work. "Just in general, I've noticed when I don't try too hard to get things done, and I give myself breaks, and I take time to meditate, and I take time out for myself, I find that releasing that attachment to things getting done really helps during this time," she says.

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    I followed her advice during a busy week when I felt extremely overwhelmed taking on multiple projects at a time. When I decided to take things at my own pace, giving myself plenty of breaks to watch TV and nap in between, I felt like I could actually take on the work and even enjoy it again.

    And really, the slowdown isn't all that bad. It's a reminder to give ourselves a break. We need it after such a tough year! "This is the time to take to restore ourselves and rejuvenate ourselves. We've been through a lot this year and it's kind of the universe's path to take things easy and really look inward and focus on yourself," she explains.

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    "Many of us have gone through crazy life changes this year and so the universe is like, 'Okay, let's observe and see. How do you feel? How do you feel about the changes that have happened? How do you feel about your situation? What can you do right now to clean up certain things or change certain things?' and this is the green light to do it. Because when Mars goes back direct, there's just going to be a revving up of more intense energies to deal with and it's better to have restored yourself during this time."

    If you're single, I know you're likely wondering how this will affect your love life. It's cuffing season and the pandemic somehow doesn't seem to have slowed down many from going back on the dating apps and trying to look for a special someone. Adama says that if you're a Libra or Aries, you'll feel the effects of Mars retrograde on your love life the most.

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    "Aries [will be affected] in terms of themselves and how they operate as an individual in the world, and then how that affects their relationship. Then Libra, it's more about reasserting their boundaries. This can be at work, too, so this can be any long-term working or personal relationship. In terms of romance, if your fifth house is in Scorpio, you can find that if you're dating, romances kind of bring up some potential issues that you may have had in the past with finding a person to understand your intensity. Then Libra [experiences that] for romance, because they have Aries in their fifth house of romance."

    Adama also points out that romantically, all signs will be affected one way or another, but you can use this time to examine what you need in order to be happy.

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    "Say you are in a relationship and things are coming up that, again, you're like, 'Oh, this isn't what I want' but you're hanging on for whatever reason. Reasons of insecurity, things like that, or not feeling worthy. Once Mars goes direct, you can observe those feelings and do something about it yourself," she explains. "You can kind of feel like this Mars retrograde is pushing you to observe what's going on and be real about the relationships in your life."

    One thing to look out for is that both Mars and Mercury will be in retrograde at the same time, starting Oct. 14 until Nov. 4. I know, I know – it sounds scary as hell. However, Adama says there's a silver lining. "When Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio, it's going to bring up some hidden things that some people don't want to deal with, and we're going to have to deal with them. It's going to dredge up some hidden truth in the collective, meaning in the world," she says.

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    "We've had a lot of that this year. It's not going to slow down. Then in our own individual lives, it is going to. Mercury retrograde is meant to be a time to revise, revisit, review, look at the past, observe, and take that knowledge with you when Mercury goes direct."

    Once both Mars and Mercury are in retrograde, it can feel very overwhelming, but Adama has some advice on how to survive through it. "Move with your body and make sure you're not over exhausting yourself, but try to launch as much as you can now, or do, or sign by because it's better for listing when mercury is retrograde and you can really use a Mercury Retrograde for and all the little small things that can happen. Like miscommunication."

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    "Saying the wrong thing, communicating the wrong things – you can kind of let that roll off your back because you're not dealing with the stress of also needing to get things done, too. Then you can learn lessons from those situations and it makes it less of a big deal when you're like, 'Okay, that happened. What can I take from it?' And then move forward."

    So yes, having Mars and Mercury in retrograde isn't going to be very fun. It can be pretty stressful! But there's plenty to learn from this time and the good thing is it's only temporary.

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