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Michael Cera And Aubrey Plaza's Chuck E. Cheese Photo Is Legendary And Now We Have The Whole Story

Hands down, one of the funniest celeb pics from the 2010s.

There are two things you should know about me: I'm a Michael Cera stan and I'm also an Aubrey Plaza stan. Aubrey in particular is my everything.

So it shouldn't be much of a surprise that this is my all-time favorite picture.

Now, I need to unpack this pic because there's SO MUCH going on.

They're at Chuck E. freakin' Cheese!!!! The absolute last place I'd ever expect to run into Michael and Aubrey.

Michael Cera's reaction is hilariously awkward. He's trying to smile but you can tell he has no idea what's going on.

We also need to talk about Aubrey's reaction to whatever the hell is going on. It's absolutely perfect.

I'm so obsessed with this pic that it's been my Facebook banner for nearly a year.

It's also my Twitter header photo.

The pic has been shared for years, but the story behind it remained a mystery.

On Wednesday night, Aubrey finally acknowledged the iconic image.

I’m settling this once and for all. YES THAT IS ME. THIS IS REAL LIFE. DEAL WITH IT. #ScottPilgrim #WatchWithTheAcademy

And we got to hear from the teens behind the pic:

@PaintedSkeleton @evilhag We were cerebrating my brothers b day in the back room of chuck E Cheese & suddenly they walk in and we freak out. We asked if we could take a picture &they actually said NO but we still did ...they left right after. The staff was really mad at us

Aye! @evilhag sorry for being such obnoxious teenagers, but y’all made us brown kids happy that day. #ELMONTE #chuckecheese @Dani3laTheGreat https://t.co/gvY6sF3Llf

I spoke to Daniela Coronado, who gave me the full story on how it all happened.

"The location of this Chuck E. Cheese was in El Monte, California. It's a predominately low-income community. This is important because it just adds to how odd we all thought it was for them to be there," she explained. The photo was taken in August 2010, around the time Scott Pilgrim vs. The World came out. They were also dating at the time.

"It was my brother's 4th birthday and we were all in the back room reserved for parties. Most people don’t sit there, so I can see why [Michael and Aubrey] decided to sit there that day. My sister first noticed them and we all got really excited. All the parents were so confused because they had no idea why we were so excited — the struggle of first-gen kids."

"We ran up to their booth and my sister asked if we could take a picture and before [Michael] could answer saying no, we were already posing. Looking back, I can honestly say we were all just so excited, and now we think of how obnoxious we must have been."

Daniela even made a TikTok about her experience:

A decade later, this photo is still absolutely iconic. Celebs should never be bothered without consent, but it's good to know Aubrey is now a fan of the pic.