Martha Stewart Drunkenly Left A Comment On A Video Of Baby Chicks, So She's Living Her Best Quarantine Life

    Drunk Martha is every one of us after a night out.

    Quarantine is making many want to drink more. What else are you supposed to do when you're locked inside your home and would much rather be with your friends at a crowded bar?

    I mean, it's bad enough that Ina Garten made herself a huge cocktail at 9:30 a.m. a couple of weeks ago!

    Turns out, Martha Stewart has also been following Ina's ways and had a bit too much fun while drinking alone.

    Martha left an incomprehensible comment on Saturday on the Instagram account Best Little Hen House In Texas's video of baby chicks and it's bound to be iconic.

    First of all, I'm obsessed with Martha freakin' Stewart attempting to give advice on how to take care of baby chicks after drinking.

    This also reminds me of every text I've ever sent my friends while drunk so I love it.

    Look, it's only Tuesday, but I cannot think of anything that'll top this during this week. So, thank you, Martha!

    Update: Martha cleared up what happened:

    Confession: yes I had two glasses of wine with my detainees - a very very good wine - when I composed a voice activated IG response to my friend Douglas Friedman Obviously I did not check it!!!