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    "Elite" Is The Best Netflix Show You're Not Watching

    Meet your new Netflix obsession.

    Netflix has given us so many great shows. There's Love Is Blind, Black Mirror, Stranger Things, Sex Education, YOU, Bojack Horseman (RIP) ... the list is endless.

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    But the Netflix show we need to talk about is Spanish teen thriller, Elite.

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    Elite is Netflix's hidden gem. It's one of the most entertaining shows I've ever seen, and deserves its due. It's got everything you need when you're looking for a good show to binge watch: murder, horny teens, mystery, and a killer soundtrack.

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    Even as someone who is not a fan of teen thrillers like Riverdale and Pretty Little Liars, I couldn't stop watching the two seasons of Elite, finishing the whole thing within less than 48 hours.

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    It feels like a Skins 2.0 mixed with some other classic teen dramedies, though a bit darker. Now that season 3 is on Netflix, here's why you should watch Elite ASAP.

    1. It gives off some serious The O.C. and Gossip Girl vibes.

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    The show's protagonist, Samuel, reminds me so much of The O.C.'s Ryan Atwood and Gossip Girl's Dan Humphrey. He comes from a working class family and is given a scholarship to the nicest private school in Spain after his school collapses. His new school forces him out of his comfort zone, finding himself mingling with the kids of Spain's rich and famous.


    He's bullied and seen as an outsider, but quickly begins a romantic bond with rebellious rich girl Marina, who is The O.C.'s Marissa's counterpart, with a dash of Serena Van Der Woodsen. And yes, in case you were wondering, Samuel is just as moody as Ryan and Dan. If you're a fan of both shows, you'll be into Elite.

    2. The murder mystery will immediately hook you.


    The show uses a similar structure to Big Little Lies, starting with a crime interrogation, but without offering much information at first. Each episode offers more clues as to what happened, and even when you think you've figured it out, Elite pulls out some major twists.

    3. It's one of the few teen dramas to have a female Muslim protagonist.


    Elite is the first teen drama I've watched that features a female Muslim protagonist, without trying to sloppily shoehorn her story into the show. Nadia (played by Mina El Hammani, who is of Moroccan descent), is a Muslim girl who, like Samuel, is new to the school and has to find how she fits into this world of the elite. She's forced to make sacrifices that make her feel uneasy, such as not being able to wear her hijab to school, and begins to question how her Muslim culture ties into her new world.


    Nadia's brother, Omar, is a supporting character who is gay and begins to come to terms with his sexuality, while hiding that side of his life from his conservative parents. Season 3 also introduces Malick, a black Muslim student, and his interactions with Nadia pose important questions about prejudice within their own religious community.

    4. It has plenty of humorous moments to balance out the darkness and drama.

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    The great thing about Elite is that it's still humorous, so it doesn't feel as intense all the time.

    5. There's SO MUCH drama.

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    Besides the murder mystery, Elite has all the messiness your heart desires: polyamory, incest, secret identities, love triangles, STDs, sketchy drug deals, and more. It's over the top enough to be entertaining, but it rarely gets to the point where you question that the hell is up in the writer's room.

    6. Everyone is ridiculously hot.

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    This might be the most good-looking cast I've ever seen. Just look at them!

    In case you were wondering, my main Elite crush is bad boy Guzmán.


    He must be protected at all costs!

    7. The ridiculously hot Spanish accents.

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    Imagine if your TV crushes had Spanish accents. It makes everything much more pleasant to hear. Don't believe me? Just watch the cast try out pickup lines.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to rewatch Elite again.

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