Conan O'Brien And Stephen Colbert Decided To Interview Each Other While Working From Home

    A rare late show crossover!

    It's extremely rare for late-night talk shows to have crossover episodes — if ever — especially when the hosts live on opposite coasts. But Conan O'Brien and Stephen Colbert used the opportunity of working from home to do it.

    Their episodes of Conan and Late Show with Stephen Colbert started out with each doing their own thing. But the footage of them interviewing each other was pretty much the same on both shows, with slight changes in the editing.

    The banter started right off the bat, discussing what working from home has been like. They compared notes on their at-home setup, with Conan commenting that Stephen has far better equipment. "You are using state-of-the-art equipment. I tune in and I check out your show — you're clearly, and I know my cameras, you're on a Sony HDC-1700 4K. Those are incredible. You look amazing! And you have an earpiece!"

    Conan also asked about Stephen's quarantine habits, saying, "Some people are drinking a bit too much during this period and I think it's fair to ask you — are you indulging a bit right now? Do you have a hip flask I can't see?"

    Yup, that's Ryan Reynolds' Aviation gin!

    Conan and Stephen started comparing the items they have in the room.

    They also bonded over quarantine marital woes.

    "A lot of relationships are strained right now. Husbands and wives not getting along together. How about you?" asked Conan. Stephen joked that he and his wife have never been happier and asked his wife Evelyn to come into the room with no luck.

    Stephen asked how Conan's doing with Liza, and turns out it hasn't been much better.

    Stephen also introduced Conan to his puppy, Benny, who is absolutely adorable.

    Every late show host working from home should have their dogs on the show.

    But the highlight was when Stephen talked about how Bob Dylan won't let him parody his iconic song "Subterranean Homesick Blues."

    Stephen gave Conan a taste of the parody he wasn't allowed to use on his show. Stephen's show censored the lyrics for legal reasons, but Conan showed the whole thing.

    "We're all in the basement wishing for some medicine, I'm isolating recommended by the government. The man in the cheap gloves, GrubHub day job says he's got a bad cough, wants to get a test swab. I don't want no virus sales, you better Purrell. The Trump don't work 'cause the Fauci makes him grouchy."

    Having the lyrics out in the world could get Stephen into some legal trouble with Bob Dylan, but I admire how he gives zero fucks at this point.

    You can watch the Conan version of the interview below and the Late Show version on CBS All Access:

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