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    5 Diego Luna And Gael García Bernal Movies You Need To Watch If You Love This Gorgeous And Talented Duo

    It's always a good time for a Charolastra movie marathon.

    As a preteen, my life was changed forever when my grandma put on Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. It's a bad sequel that nobody ever talks about, but I'm extremely thankful for it because it was my introduction to Diego Luna. He's so beautiful and talented – but really, SO DAMN NICE TO LOOK AT!

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    It's enough of a blessing to have found out about Diego Luna, but learning about his best friend and frequent collaborator, Gael García Bernal, made it even better. They're the perfect duo and more than a decade later, I'm thirsting hard over both of them.

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    In case you haven't been indoctrinated into the Charolastra fan club, here are some of their best movies to start with. Perhaps you've already seen Diego in Rogue One and were intrigued, or maybe you watched Mozart in the Jungle and want to know where else you can catch Gael being dreamy. Some of these star the respective actors solo; others feature them as a dynamic duo. But either way, these films will make you fall in love with them.

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    1. Y Tu Mamá También

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    This is one of my all-time favorite films because not only are Gael and Diego magnificent onscreen, but the Cuarón brothers, Alfonso and Carlos, wrote a stunning script. In fact, it's so stunning that it earned the brothers an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay in 2002. In the film, Gael and Diego play best friends Julio and Tenoch. When they meet Tenoch's cousin's wife, Luisa (Maribel Verdú), they flirtily invite her to join them on a road trip to the beach. After finding out her husband's cheating on her, she accepts the invitation, embarking on a trip that changes the trio's lives forever.

    Watch it on Netflix.

    2. Rudo y Cursi

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    If you loved Y Tu Mamá También, this is a great one to watch featuring the duo. Written and directed by Carlos Cuarón, the film stars Gael and Diego as two working class soccer playing half-brothers who dream of leaving their town to have successful soccer careers. When a talent scout goes to one of their games, he says only one of them can be signed, which will be determined according to who scores the penalty shot. When "Cursi" (Gael) does, "Rudo" has to come to terms with his brother gaining fame while he's left behind. Come for the dynamic duo, stay for Gael's Spanish-language cumbia cover of Cheap Trick's "I Want You To Want Me."

    Watch it on Amazon.

    3. The Terminal

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    You might vaguely remember this film directed by Steven Spielberg from 2004. Tom stars as Viktor, a Russian man whose passport expires and is stuck at the JFK airport. Diego Luna plays Enrique, one of the airport workers who befriends Viktor. His character's adorable and he looks damn good in a mustache!

    Watch it on Amazon.

    4. Amores Perros

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    Many critics lauded Amores Perros as the Mexican version of Pulp Fiction, but I actually think it's grittier (if you can even believe that!). Needless to say, it's absolutely not for the faint of heart. Like Pulp Fiction, the film features various narratives that are interconnected by the same car accident and all the stories feature dogs. Gael plays Octavio, a young man who becomes involved in dogfighting.

    Watch it on Amazon.

    5. The Science of Sleep

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    If you were on Tumblr in 2009-2011, it's likely you saw plenty of screencaps of this movie. It's surrealistic, but very charming. Gael stars as Stéphane, a childlike and eccentric man whose vivid dreams begin to take over his life. If you're looking for something that's the opposite of Amores Perros, this is a perfect one to watch.

    Watch it on Amazon.

    Note: Gael's film Motorcycle Diaries was not included due to its controversial and romanticized depiction of Che Guevara.

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