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    31 Beauty Products From Walmart That'll Help You Upgrade Your Routine For Cheap

    Celebrity must-haves, drugstore finds and top-rated budget-friendly products that will take your beauty collection to the next level.

    1. A Cantu intensive leave-in conditioning treatment that will always whip your textured tresses into shape. Thanks to shea butter and other natural oils, it helps stop and mend breakage, repair split ends, tame frizzy strands, and adds manageability and shine. In other words, it's quite the workhorse!

    A leave-in hair treatment

    2. A Milani 2-in-1 concealer and foundation so you can cover up blemishes on your skin to give you a picture-perfect complexion. It's also long-lasting, lightweight, water-resistant and sweat-proof, which is a must for a flawless beauty beat.

    A foundation and concealer

    3. A tube of the L'Oreal Paris lightweight mascara that will give your eyelashes intense, weightless volume that lasts all day long. Not to mention, this air-whipped formula comes with a large cushion bristle brush that coats every single lash.

    A volumizing mascara with an airy formula

    4. A Revlon heated hot hair brush you can count on to give your mane volume and shine that goes the distance. The silicone bristles are soft, flexible, and grips hair gently to ensure fast-styling.

    A heated curling brush

    5. A Nivea nourishing in-shower body lotion that comes in handy to provide instant, long-lasting moisture to dry and very dry skin types in the shower without a sticky feel. Consider the days of slathering on body lotion post-shower officially behind you.

    A water-activated body lotion

    6. A tube of the Neutrogena moisturizing sunscreen lotion in SPF 50 so that you can hydrate while protecting skin from UVA/UVB rays without the ghost-like appearance. Its water-resistant formula is also ideal for face and body, too.

    A sunscreen lotion

    7. A can of the Dove hairspray to nourish and protect your hair while helping to extend the life of your hairstyle. Since it has a flexible hold, it'll provide natural movement all day long.

    A can of hairspray

    8. A NYX ink eyeliner, because this will be your saving grace when creating eye makeup looks. It has a flexible brush tip that makes it oh-so-easy to perfect everything from feline flicks to natural looks with ease.

    A waterproof eyeliner

    9. An Eos shea lip balm that is beloved by reviewers for its ability to provide lasting moisture, via its sustainably sourced shea butter, coconut and jojoba oils. And you get two lip balms — a stick and a sphere — for the price of one. Score!

    A stick and sphere-shaped lip balm

    10. A can of refreshing Not Your Mother's dry shampoo spray for relying on this holy grail hair care product to refresh your mane. Perfect for all hair types, it absorbs excess oils and offers a fresh linen scent that adds a chic touch to your mane.

    A can of dry shampoo

    11. A Miss Jessie's coily custard that can style kinky, curly, and coily textures perfectly. It layers hair with moisture and shine while defining your curl pattern, reducing frizz, and tackling curl shrinkage. No limp curls allowed!

    A tube of hair custard

    12. An Profusion Cosmetics eyeshadow palette – it's a no-brainer for your eye makeup collection, since it boasts a gorgeous mix of neutral and warm shades. Plus, it's available at a fraction of the cost of pricey brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills and Urban Decay.

    An eyeshadow palette

    13. A Lip Bar matte liquid lipstick that is considered the creme de la creme of liquid matte offerings so you can achieve easy application. It goes on silky-smooth similar to a gloss before drying down fully matte without drying out your lips. Cheers to gorgeous, long-lasting color sans the chapped look!

    A tube of matte liquid lipstick

    14. A can of Got2b hairspray, because this one styler packs a mighty punch. It provides a strong hold that can essentially cement your style in place until your next shampoo. This hairspray can also be used when installing and styling wigs to achieve a more natural look.

    A can of firm hold hairstyling spray

    15. An Aztec Secret healing clay that's well known in the beauty world as a multifunctional essential that's great for insect bites, hair treatments, facials and more. It also helps remove dirt and irritants from pores while working to clear up acne.

    A jar of deep pore cleansing clay

    16. A Insta Natural hyaluronic acid serum designed to act as the ultimate lifesaver for dry skin. Jojoba oil and plant extracts work to soothe skin while vitamin C and hyaluronic acid brightens the skin and visibly reduce lines, wrinkles, and discoloration.

    A face serum

    17. A Tree Hut sugar scrub that's made to be your savior when tackling parched skin. It has pure natural shea butter that softens and smooths dry cracked skin, a blend of oils which prevents dryness and provides your skin a refined healthy glow, and Tahitian vanilla bean that offers a fresh scent.

    A jar of body scrub

    18. A Revlon hair waver, because this is the answer for transforming your mane into defined waves in no time. It's designed with a ¾ inch deep groove barrel and is coated with tourmaline ceramic to help reduce frizz and lock in shine.

    A hair waver hairstyling tool

    19. An E.l.f. Cosmetics face sponge that serves as proof that there are Beauty Blender dupes that live up to the hype. It features angled sides for an illuminating highlight and rounded sides for flawless blending. Plus, it allows you to ~bounce~ and ~dab~ liquid and powder makeup products without the fuss.

    A makeup sponge

    20. A set of Kiss false eyelashes to help you flaunt flirty lashes without the salon price tag. With a unique micro band and feather light fibers, these falsies are placed under existing lashes for easy wear.

    A set of false eyelash strips

    21. A near-magic Aussie hairspray that shields your hair from flat-iron, curling iron, and other heat-styling tools. Spritz it on damp strands before applying heat to protect your hair from heat damage. Bonus: It's also sulfate-free.

    A can of heat protectant spray

    22. An Equate Beauty rose quartz roller to help you take your beauty game to new heights one ~roll~ at a time. This skincare tool has a double-headed rose quartz construction and helps to remove toxins and even out your skin tone. Hello, bouncy-looking skin!

    A face roller

    23. A jar of the Carol's Daughter black vanilla edge control that is the perfect finishing touch for any hairstyle. This clear edge smoother applies dry to keep hair sleek when styling baby hairs and updos. Plus, it keeps hair soft, moisturized, and seals in splits ends due to the pairing of aloe and honey extract.

    An edge smoother

    24. An Black Radiance illuminating bronzer — it'll become your best friend since it offers the right amount of warmth for a sun-kissed look. Suitable for all skin types, it's formulated with ultra-fine particles of shimmer to highlight your complexion.

    A set of face bronzers

    25. A Garnier micellar cleansing water to help pare down your routine and work double duty as a facial cleanser and makeup remover. It's designed with all skin types in mind and works to lift dirt, oil, and other pollutants from skin, leaving you with a refreshed complexion. No rinsing required!

    A micellar water cleanser

    26. An Earth To Skin night cream so you can provide skin with the right amount of TLC as you get beauty sleep. Manuka honey extract and glycerin replenishes and retain moisture, while shea butter and vitamins E & D help heal dry damaged skin.

    A nighttime face cream

    27. A jar of the Maybelline Fit Me finishing powder to help keep a greasy-looking complexion at bay. Its mineral-based formula works to smooth skin and set foundation from day to night.

    A set of setting powders

    28. An Aveeno hand mask that's used to perfectly pamper your hands. It's formulated with moisture-rich soy that transforms skin from dull and lackluster to radiant-looking.

    A hand mask

    29. A bottle of Cetaphil facial moisturizer with sunscreen, because this is a super-affordable offering which works to provide nourishment and sun protection in one. It has a lightweight and non-greasy formula that restores and improves your skin's ability to retain vital moisture.

    A face moisturizer.

    30. An Olay witch hazel face toner that's the perfect match for all skin types. It is formulated with witch hazel and removes excess oil, dirt, and makeup without stripping your skin of moisture.

    A facial toner

    31. And a CoverGirl volumizing brow bel boasting a tinted gel formula that makes sculpting eyebrows a breeze. It's buildable, waterproof, fade-, and transfer-proof. Not to mention, it's made with tiny fibers that adhere to brows to create instant volume. Bold brows, here you come!

    An eyebrow shaping gel

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