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    26 Reasons Why San Diego Is America's Finest City

    Reasons A-Z why no other city can come close to San Diego!

    A. Arts & Culture

    B. Beer

    C. Comic-Con

    D. Diverse Neighborhoods

    E. Education

    F. Family Attractions

    G. Golf

    H. Hiking

    I. Interesting People

    J. Julian

    K. Kazillion Things To Do

    L. Lists

    M. Mexican Food

    N. Not Los Angeles

    O. Ocean. With 70 miles of Coastline

    P. Pet-Friendly City

    Q. Quintessential Laid-Back Southern California Lifestyle

    R. Running And Fitness

    S. Sunsets

    T. Technology

    U. Ultimate Surf Town

    V. Vacation


    San Diego hosts more than 33 million visitors each year, and is in the top ten U.S. travel destinations. There is no place else on earth quite like it, and the people keep coming back for more.

    W. Weather

    X marks the spot for adventure.

    Y. Youth Movement

    Z. Zoo

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