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This 90-Year-Old Grandma Proves Age Is Just A Number

Who says a 90-year-old can't go zip-lining?

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She's traveled to every continent and visited over 100 countries. She’s also done some seriously adventurous things.

Mary Lou Mahaney / Tim Pyle

Chugging wine directly from the bottle because they were taking forever to bring her a glass – Germany, 2014

"I've gone ATVing in the jungles of Africa, luging in New Zealand, hot air ballooning in Australia, climbed the Tiger's Nest in Bhutan, parasailed in Greece and ridden a horse bareback in Argentina," Mahaney said in an email to BuzzFeed.

She says she started her travel conquest at age 72, when she lost her husband. "He wasn't a big traveler so we barely ever traveled," Mahaney said. "But after his passing I decided that I had to see the world."

Mary Lou Mahaney / Tim Pyle

In a manwich, before performing a traditional dance with locals – Panama, 2011


Despite pushing a hundred, Mahaney finds new inspiration for traveling all the time. "I just wake up every morning, loving life to the fullest," she said. "I find it fascinating to see places of historical importance with my own eyes."

Mary Lou Mahaney / Tim Pyle

No big deal, just playing with some lions – Botswana, 2010

And she isn't stopping any time soon. In fact, she's already planning her next adventures. "I'm headed on a cruise to the Caribbean where I plan on going zip-lining and then I'm off to explore Burma for a bit."

Mary Lou Mahaney / Tim Pyle

Showing everyone her carving skills – Argentina, 2012