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19 Examples That Prove Indians Are The Thriftiest People In The World

We also go by "frugal" and "prudent."

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1. We're excellent at making anything tupperware and never throwing it out, even if it's covered in curry stains.

2. We make sure everything in our homes stay as good as new... forever.

3. We save a lot on transportation by rickshaw-pooling.

Andreas Stang / Via Flickr: andreas_stang

4. And motorcycle-pooling.

5. And cart-pooling.

No space is wasted.

No space is wasted.

6. We. Will. Bargain. It doesn't matter if it's sabzi, or gold, or cars.

Basheer / Via
M. Subhash / Via

After all, paisa doesn't grow on trees y'all.

7. We hustle shopkeepers by telling them, "Give us a good price and we'll tell the entire gali to shop here."

Yashraj Films / Via

8. We always try to get something for free. "Bhaiyya, we are buying samaan for full price, give us these bangles for free."

Associated Press / Tasmai Uppin

9. Jugaad is a way of life. Everything serves more than one purpose. We're a bunch of Macgyvers basically.

10. "Sticking plaster" is our best friend.

11. We don't shy away from parading around our fixing skills.

12. We spend hours, days, weeks, even months researching before we make a purchase.

Hyde Park Entertainment / Via

13. We save on rolls and rolls of toilet paper, because the sprinkler has our back.

14. If we don't like that gift that auntyji gave us, we just regift.

Qpicimages / Via Thinkstock
Qpicimages / Via Thinkstock

See what she did there?

15. Our kids wear clothes that they can grow into. Less spending, more saving!

Jani Bryson / Via Thinkstock

16. Russell Peters said it best...

Russell Peters / Via

Because if we could, we'd pay zero rupees for things.

17. We don't need furniture when we have friends.

18. Or hair appliances when we have home appliances.

19. Because our thriftiness means always saying, "No problem, yaar" and then finding solutions to everything!

Raman Kaur / Via
fools-arena/ Via

Which makes us Ekdum No. 1 when it comes to being frugal.

Adnan Abidi / Via Reuters

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