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    25 Ordinary Things That All Clumsy Girls Have Trouble Doing

    Being gifted with a lack of grace has its ups and downs. Well, mostly downs.

    1. Waking up without face-planting.

    My Damn Channel / Via

    2. Putting on skinny jeans and avoiding falling over or snapping your spine.

    Brittany Furlan / Via

    3. Avoiding burning yourself or your hair on the hot iron.

    Tori Locklear / Via

    4. Applying mascara without poking an eye out.

    savageultralight / Via Thinkstock

    5. Putting on makeup and actually looking good after you're done.

    6. Leaving the house without accidentally ripping your outfit.

    mocker_bat / Via Thinkstock

    7. Cooking without needing to call the fire department.

    Atlas Entertainment / Via

    8. Casually walking down a street without tripping on your own feet.

    TeenNick Originals / Via

    9. Forgetting where your mouth goes on your face while eating at a fancy restaurant.

    KittenFeces Humor Vids / Via

    10. Losing hand-mouth coordination while checking a hottie out.

    3 Arts Entertainment / Via

    11. Accidentally grazing someone's crotch or boob with your hand gestures.

    FogStock/Jennifer Okamoto / Via Thinkstock

    12. Walking in brand new heels you bought because they looked so pretty.


    Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

    13. Repeatedly bumping butts with strangers on the train because you don't know how to stand in those heels.

    14. Finding a space to dance so you don't accidentally deck someone.

    Bays & Thomas Productions / Via

    15. Doing laundry twice because you dropped all your clean clothes.

    RapidVines / Via

    16. Going on dates and trying hard not to spill drinks on yourself or the guy.

    Mona Makela / Via Thinkstock

    17. Wearing anything white because it isn't going to stay that way for long.

    Marlene Ford / Via Getty Images

    18. Running daily errands without bruising yourself.

    fatchoi / Via Thinkstock

    19. Doing a sexy hair flip to get that attractive guy at the coffee shop to notice you...

    David Hanjani / Via

    ...but getting hair in your eyes instead.

    20. Performing a seductive dance routine for your significant other without having to make a trip to the ER.

    Based Fiasco / Via

    21. Looking good in photos and being the one who ruins all the group shots.


    22. Working out without breaking your face.

    23. Playing dress-up games with friends and not hurting yourself.

    24. Enjoying summer by the pool without having any serious accidents.

    25. Having a slumber party and leaving the next day sans injury.

    Yes, doing ordinary things is hard. But, you managed to survive all these years, so here's to many more of them!

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