25 Students Who Put The "Cool" In School

    Hey teacher, leave them kids alone.

    1. This poet's defense of bathroom stall graffiti.

    2. This kid's reasonable excuse for being late.

    3. This kid who decided to spruce up his winter attire.

    4. This future physicist.

    5. This art student that has explicit instructions for you.

    6. This frat kid's very valid question.

    7. This engineer of puns.

    8. This student's scholastic abilities.

    9. This student's new bathroom pet.

    10. This artist's minimalist approach to mission statements.

    11. This kid who got to have his shirt and wear it too.

    12. This advertising student's strategy.

    13. This new-age relationship guru.

    14. These budding artists who are thrilled for roll call.

    15. The genius who solved his cold lunch troubles.

    16. And this hungry student's solution to waiting in line.

    17. This muggle's response to a flooded bathroom.

    18. The LOTR student who's clearly studying under Gandalf.

    19. This concerned kid's warning to all humans.

    20. This aspiring advertising professional.

    21. This kid who really knows how to unwind between classes.

    22. This young 'un's enlightening art.

    23. This kid's very real expectations.

    24. This math pundit taking a break from crunching numbers.

    25. This music student who excels in puns.