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    22 Times Ellen DeGeneres Completely Owned #ThrowbackThursday

    NO ONE does it better than Ellen D.

    1. That time when she was Wonder Woman and saved the world from a lifetime of boring daytime TV.

    2. And when she chased waterfalls with TLC.

    3. There was that time she teamed up with Baywatch lifeguards to keep the oceans safe.

    4. And that time she tried to make fetch happen.

    5. Remember when she tried to make Goose insanely jealous?

    6. Or that time when she joined Dorothy on a journey of self-discovery?

    7. Let's not forget that time she officiated Kanye and Kim's wedding, but you didn't notice cause it was Kanye and Kim.

    8. There was also that time when she was a charming, funny, flight attendant.

    9. And that moment when she made you wish she was your step-mom.

    10. That time when she stood tall amongst a random assortment of legends.

    11. And when she literally lived on a prayer.

    12. That time she was Ginger DeGeneres in Gilliagan's Island.

    13. Oh and remember when she bought sexy back?

    14. Or when she made you wish your girlfriend was hot like her.

    15. There's that time she invited you to come and knock on her door.

    16. That time she took one small step for woman, one giant leap for womankind.

    17. Or when she showed us how to take a good, old-timey yearbook photo.

    18. Let's not forget that time she ran, ran so far away with a "Flock of Seagulls."

    19. And when she ran some more on the beach in slow-motion.

    20. There was that time she made it hard for you to say, "Baby Bye, Bye, Bye..."

    21. She also basically proved that her body was "...too bootylicious for ya babe."

    22. Best of all was that time when she showed Prince Harry a whole new world.

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