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    KLM Airlines Does Not Actually Have A Lost-And-Found Dog

    But Sherlock the beagle's commercial is still pretty adorable.

    Update, 5:32 p.m., ET: Looks like the dog was not actually hired by KLM, but was just part of a marketing campaign.

    "Sherlock the dog" was only employed for the purpose of the commercial, representatives at KLM's ad agency, DDB & Tribal Worldwide, told MediaBistro.

    We were told that the members of KLM's Lost & Found team sometimes track down passengers before they even realize they've lost something. We feel they are a bit like detectives. So to illustrate that KLM goes above and beyond for their passengers, we decided to involve a search dog.

    In its latest commercial, KLM introduces us to Sherlock, a beagle meant to symbolize the lost-and-found team at the airline.

    In the ad, Sherlock helps flight attendants track down lost items like a super sleuth.

    This would be so useful (and cute).

    Watch Sherlock be super p'awesome here:

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    Thank you for the gift of Sherlock, KLM.

    This post has been updated to reflect the news that the dog is, sadly, not actually a part of the airline staff.