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    18 Struggles Of Being A Cancer Sign

    It's hard out here for a crab.

    1. You've been called out for being too sensitive, one too many times.

    2. You constantly have to make up excuses, just so you can stay in.

    3. You use nesting as a way to deal with all the emotions you feel.

    4. The intensity with which you care for your best friends makes them think you're just being clingy. But you're not.

    5. It's hard for you to stay grounded because you are such a romantic.

    6. Large social situations make you want to run for cover.

    7. The spotlight is straight-up terrifying.

    8. When people figure out how loyal you are, they take advantage of it.

    9. Staying focused on conversations is difficult because you've just got so many thoughts up there.

    10. It's hard for you to make friends because you avoid superficial associations.

    11. And when you do try to put yourself out there, your shyness gets mistaken for indifference.

    12. You've been accused of starting a lot of your sentences with "I feel..."

    13. Because you are a frequent passenger on the emotional roller coaster.

    14. Your nonconfrontational attitude makes people think that you don't have an opinion.

    15. It's hard for you to be nice to yourself because of how overly self-critical you can be.

    16. And your friends get annoyed by your need to constantly be reassured.

    17. You most definitely have a box of utter garbage, all because of how sentimental you can be.

    18. But at the end of the day, you're the most loving zodiac sign out there. So, go share it with the world! XO