23 Geeky Greeting Cards For The Holidays

From tech to television to games and more. Find the perfect card for that slightly (or overly) geeky friend or family member this Christmas!

1. Zombie Reindeer Christmas Card

itoinez / Via etsy.com

$1.50 at itoinez

2. Not sent from my iPhone Christmas Card (Set of 5)

RedLetterPaperCo / Via etsy.com

$15.95 at RedLetterPaperCo

3. Breaking Bad Heisenberg ‘Ho Ho Ho’ Christmas Card

Turtle’s Soup / Via etsy.com

$3.85 at Turtle’s Soup

4. Mustache Christmas Card

9Worlds / Via etsy.com

$4.50 at 9Worlds

5. My Neighbor Totoro Merry Christmas

KintysCards / Via etsy.com

$4.90 at KintysCards

6. Space Invaders Happy Holidays Greeting Card (Set of 10)

blackbirdandpeacock / Via etsy.com

$28.00 at blackbirdandpeacock

7. Harry Potter ‘I Solemnly Swear’ Christmas Card

BrixtonStudios / Via etsy.com

$2.75 at BrixtonStudios

8. Robot Christmas Card

HappyDappyBits / Via etsy.com

$5.00 at HappyDappyBits

9. Periodic Table Chemistry ‘HPPY CrISTmAs’ Greeting Card (Set of 6)

TheBirdandtheBeard / Via etsy.com

$20.00 at TheBirdandtheBeard

10. Game of Thrones ‘Winter is Coming’ Christmas Card

CraftingTiger / Via etsy.com

$5.50 at CraftingTiger

11. Grumpy Cat Meme Sarcastic Christmas Card

Turtle’s Soup / Via etsy.com

$3.85 at Turtle’s Soup

12. Doctor Who Dalek Reindeer Christmas Holiday Letterpress Card

greenbirdpress / Via etsy.com

$4.50 at greenbirdpress

13. Gingerbread Man ‘My Bad’ Greeting Card

JulieAnnArt / Via etsy.com

$4.00 at JulieAnnArt

14. Darth Vader Father Christmas Greeting Card

LittleBambii04 / Via etsy.com

$3.00 at LittleBambii04

15. Adventure Time Lumpy Princess ‘Ho Freakin’ Ho’ Christmas Card (Glossy)

KintysCards / Via etsy.com

$4.90 at KintysCards

16. Gentlemen and Scholars of the North Pole Holiday Greeting Cards (Set of 4)

littlelow / Via etsy.com

$12.00 at littlelow

17. ‘Yo Ho Ho’ Pirate Santa Christmas Card

TheRasilisk / Via etsy.com

$3.99 at TheRasilisk

18. Nightmare Before Christmas Card (Download/Printable File Card)

DigDragon / Via etsy.com

$13.00 at DigDragon

19. Hipster Snowman Happy Holidays Card (Set of 8)

Unify / Via etsy.com

$16.00 at Unify

20. 8-Bit Pacman Mistletoe Christmas Love Card

blackbirdandpeacock / Via etsy.com

$3.50 at blackbirdandpeacock

21. Happy Holidays Nucleotide Sequence

ScienceComingToTown / Via etsy.com

$4.09 at ScienceComingToTown

22. Have a Nerdy Holiday Card

StrangerDays / Via etsy.com

$4.00 at StrangerDays

23. Merry Christmas Venn Diagram (Digital/Printable File)

BisforBrown / Via etsy.com

$7.00 at BisforBrown

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