21 Of The Most Unique “Adventure Time” Etsy Finds

Because we could all use more Finn and Jake in our lives.

1. Makin’ Bacon Pancakes sticker

QuirkIncorporated / Via etsy.com

$2.94 at QuirkIncorporated.

2. “Heck Yes! It’s Your Birthday!” Jake & Finn Greeting Card

Turtle’s Soup / Via etsy.com

$3.85 at Turtle’s Soup

3. Princesses of Adventure Time Mini Magnets

BoxOfOddities / Via etsy.com

$9.83 at BoxOfOddities

4. Marshall Lee: Adventure Time Print 11” x 17”

pharafax / Via etsy.com

$15.00 at pharafax

5. Adventure Time 1” Button Set

Rosewine / Via etsy.com

$15.00 at Rosewine

6. Adventure Time BMO USB Flash Drive

CloverPower / Via etsy.com

$40.00 at CloverPower

7. Jake The Dog Leather iPad Mini Case

afternoonatandreas / Via etsy.com

$65.00 at afternoonatandreas

8. Adventure Time Cookies with Royal Icing

TeaAndCuriosity / Via etsy.com

$21.30 at TeaAndCuriosity

9. Adventure Time BMO Rubber Keychain

SpaceSheepLaser / Via etsy.com

$15.00 at SpaceSheepLaser

10. Finn and Jake Throw Pillows

telahmarie / Via etsy.com

$30.00 at telahmarie

11. Finn V-Neck Hipster T-Shirt

AnchorHeartBows / Via etsy.com

$15.00 at AnchorHeartBows

12. Adventure Time Party Treat Bags

CadeauVert / Via etsy.com

$18.50 at CadeauVert

13. Chibi Adventure Time Hair Bow

LittleCornerCreation / Via etsy.com

$6.00 at LittleCornerCreation

14. Finn and Jake Edible Cake Toppers

Paolascreations / Via etsy.com

$45.00 at Paolascreations

15. Fiona & Cake Fabric Bag

ManaOverdose / Via etsy.com

$12.00 at ManaOverdose

16. Adventure Time Christmas Tree Ornament Set

TiffyCuppyCake / Via etsy.com

$50.00 at TiffyCuppyCake

17. Beemo iPhone Case

TheAngelDiaries / Via etsy.com

$8.99-$9.99 at TheAngelDiaries

18. “What Was Missing” Art Print

RonGuyatt / Via etsy.com

$10.00-$60.00 at RonGuyatt

19. Adventure Time Charm Necklaces

UMAPI / Via etsy.com

$8.50-$9.92 at UMAPI

20. Finn The Human Felt Plush

DrowsyAurora / Via etsy.com

$38.00 at DrowsyAurora

21. Adventure Time Single Mocha Cup and Saucer

TheFandomTeapot / Via etsy.com

$45.00 at TheFandomTeapot

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