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    21 Of The Most Unique "Adventure Time" Etsy Finds

    Because we could all use more Finn and Jake in our lives.

    1. Makin' Bacon Pancakes sticker

    2. "Heck Yes! It's Your Birthday!" Jake & Finn Greeting Card

    3. Princesses of Adventure Time Mini Magnets

    4. Marshall Lee: Adventure Time Print 11" x 17"

    5. Adventure Time 1" Button Set

    6. Adventure Time BMO USB Flash Drive

    7. Jake The Dog Leather iPad Mini Case

    8. Adventure Time Cookies with Royal Icing

    9. Adventure Time BMO Rubber Keychain

    10. Finn and Jake Throw Pillows

    11. Finn V-Neck Hipster T-Shirt

    12. Adventure Time Party Treat Bags

    13. Chibi Adventure Time Hair Bow

    14. Finn and Jake Edible Cake Toppers

    15. Fiona & Cake Fabric Bag

    16. Adventure Time Christmas Tree Ornament Set

    17. Beemo iPhone Case

    18. "What Was Missing" Art Print

    19. Adventure Time Charm Necklaces

    20. Finn The Human Felt Plush

    21. Adventure Time Single Mocha Cup and Saucer