19 Must-Have Items For Zelda Fanatics

It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this with you. And that. And maybe some of these…

1. Triforce Lamp with Hyrule Crest detail

TheBackPackShoppe / Via etsy.com

$69.00 at TheBackPackShoppe

2. Hyrule Antique Style Overworld Map Poster 13x19

AwkwardAffections / Via etsy.com

$31.00 at AwkwardAffections

3. “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone” Tote Bag

BearAndRobot / Via etsy.com

$14.01 at BearAndRobot

4. Life-sized Zelda Music/Treasure Box

BygonesandPowerups / Via etsy.com

$150.00 at BygonesandPowerups

5. Pixel Heart Couples Pendant Necklace

Nastalgame / Via etsy.com

$11.00 at Nastalgame

6. Triforce Treasure Trove Wall Vinyl

WallsOfText / Via etsy.com

$45.95 at WallsOfText

7. 8-Bit Link Love Greeting Card

Turtle’s Soup / Via etsy.com

$3.85 at Turtle’s Soup

8. Hearts 8-Bit Screenprints (Set of 3)

joneallen / Via etsy.com

$15.00 at joneallen

9. Majora’s Mask Wooden Keyring

TwikiConcept / Via etsy.com

$12.75 at TwikiConcept

10. Princess Zelda Poster

RonGuyatt / Via etsy.com

$10.00-$60.00 at RonGuyatt

11. 8-Bit Link Cookie Cutter

CookiePrints / Via etsy.com

$14.99 at CookiePrints

12. Hyrule Crest Pillow Case

GeekyCatUK / Via etsy.com

$32.95 at GeekyCatUK

13. Retro Zelda Buttons (Set of 4)

Turtle’s Soup / Via etsy.com

$5.00 at Turtle’s Soup

14. Legend of Zelda ‘Book of Mudora’ Journal/Prop

YumeStyle / Via etsy.com

$60.00 at YumeStyle

15. Wind Waker Stained Glass iPhone 5 case

RyanTokoku / Via etsy.com

$14.89 at RyanTokoku

16. “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone!” Keyrack

DeeplyDapper / Via etsy.com

$15.00 at DeeplyDapper

17. Rustic Hand-Painted Triforce Pendant

AnyShapeNecklaces / Via etsy.com

$7.34-$7.77 at AnyShapeNecklaces

18. Retro Zelda Hearts T-Shirt

MRTEEUK / Via etsy.com

$18.11 at MRTEEUK

19. Heart Container Car Decal

GoProGraphics / Via etsy.com

$4.50 at GoProGraphics

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