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32 Restaurants With Spectacular Views

Would you like a sunset with that?

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6. The River Cafe, Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.A.

The River Cafe / Via

You're sitting: under the Brooklyn Bridge

Looking at: the East River, New York skyline, and the Statue of Liberty

Eating: poached Nova Scotia lobster, sweet and sour butternut squash, celery root purée, brussel sprout leaves


7. 6.8 Palopo, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Casa palopó / Via

You're sitting: at shore of Lake Atitlan

At: Casa Palopo

Looking at: Toliman, Atitlán, and San Pedro Volcanos

Eating: Filet Robalo, grilled fish served with a fresh cilantro sauce or racks of lamb served with a mint and date sauce — ask for yucca chips on the side

8. Sanctuary Lodge, Cuzco, Peru

Adrian Houston Limited/Orient-Express Hotels Ltd / Via!8-machu-picchu-sanctuary-lodge

You're sitting: in the closest hotel to Machu Picchu

At: Sanctuary Lodge Hotel

Looking at: Sacred Valley, Urubamba River, and Machu Picchu

Eating: a traditional Peruvian meal


10. torre d'alta mar, Barcelona, Spain

torre d'alta mar / Via

You're sitting: 75 meters high in an old port cable's tower

Looking at: 360 degrees of Mediterranean Sea and Port Vell

Wondering: what it was like to be at the 1929 Barcelona Universal Exhibition (The tower was originally built for it.)

12. Piz Gloria, Mürren, Switzerland

Schilthorn / Via

You're sitting: on a summit 2,970 meters high

At: Schilthorn

Looking at: 200 Alpine summits, including Piz Gloria, the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau peaks

Ordering:"Martini, shaken not stirred" at the James Bond bar or the James Bond breakfast

Welcome to the Bond World 007. The 1969 James Bond 007 film On Her Majesty's Secret Service was filmed here.


16. Milkla, Instanbul, Turkey

Mikla / Via

You're sitting: on the hotel rooftop

At: The Marmara Pera

Looking at: Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace

Eating: Turkish-Scandinavian food inspired by chef and owner Mehmet Gürs' background (i.e. North Aegean octopus and tahini ice cream)

17. Vertigo, Bangkok, Thailand

Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts / Via

You're sitting: in open-air at the 61st floor rooftop

At: Banyan Tree

Looking at: the heart of the business district, river, and city skyline

Eating: signature dishes like roasted snow fish, tenderloin, wagyu, or vertigo appetizer plate

19. Bukhari, Uma Paro, Bhutan

COMO Hotels / Via

You're sitting: in a dramatic dining room named after the traditional Bhutanese fireplace — it's that cool thing in the center of the room

At: Uma by COMO hotel

Looking at: Paro Valley

Eating: Bhutanese and international dishes with seasonal, locally sourced produce


22. Felix, Hong Kong, China

The Peninsula / Via

You're sitting: on the 28th floor

At: Peninsula Hotel

Looking at: Hong Kong skyline and harbor

Indulging in: European cuisine

You can catch the Symphony of Lights, a nightly multimedia show between Victoria Peak and Hong Kong Harbor.


24. Waterfalls Restaurant, San Pablo City, Philippines

Daniel Nicholson / Via Flickr: adjacentfrontier /Creative Commons

You're sitting: at the foot of Labasin Falls

At: Villa Escudero Resort

Looking at: Labasin Falls

Eating: All you can eat lunch buffet.

Labasin Falls is not actually a natural waterfall, but a spillway of the Labasin Dam. A slight bummer, but still cool.


26. Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania

andBeyond / Via

You're sitting: at an altitude of 7,800 feet, at the rim the largest unbroken caldera in the world

Looking at: Ngorongoro Crater, the eighth Natural Wonder

Eating: a private brunch


30. Blu Bar on 36, Sydney, Australia

Shangri-La International Hotel Management Ltd. / Via

You're sitting: at Level 36

At: Shagri-La Hotel

Looking at: Darling Harbour, Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the Opera House

Drinking: a $10,000 martini (the Diamond Martini: "Your choice of ultra-premium

Vodka or gin! Oh, it also comes with a room..." the menu assures.)

31. Aria Restaurant, Sydney, Australia

Aria Restaurant / Via

You're sitting: on the waterfront of Sydney Harbor

At: Aria Restaurant

Looking at: Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Opera House

Eating: seaonal ingredient dishes like roasted Sicilian eggplant with basil, ricotta gnudi, and zucchini blossoms