24 Foods You Hated As A Kid But Love Now

Oh, young you! If only you knew.

1. Brussels Sprouts

Then: Everyone else hates it. You should hate it too.
Now: You’re an independent thinker—even if everyone else loves BS too?
Eat it like a grown up: Hot & Sour Roasted Brussels Sprouts. Get the recipe.

2. Whole Wheat Bread

Then: “This doesn’t taste right, mom.”
Now: You proudly choose 9-Grain Wheat at Subway and think you deserve a medal. Every time.
Eat it like a grown up: Grilled Cheese with Chicken, Cheddar & Grapes. Get the recipe.

3. Spinach

Then: Prejudice against anything green.
Now: All about green smoothies, kale salads, and leafy produce in general.
Eat it like a grown up: Hot Spinach Salad with Pine Nuts & Cranberries. Get the recipe.

4. Grapefruit

Then: Sour, too much work, and can’t dip in peanut butter.
Now: Bright, juicy, and healthy.
Eat it like a grown up: Broiled Grapefruit. Get the recipe.

5. Pesto

Then: Moldy spaghetti.
Now: Intriguing.
Eat it like a grown up: Arugula Pesto Pasta. Get the recipe.

6. Asparagus

Then: Made your pee smell.
Now: (Who’s smelling your pee anyway?)
Eat it like a grown up: Rosemary-Lemon Roast Asparagus. Get the Recipe.

7. Coffee

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Then: Beg and beg until you can have a cup too. Add six lumps of sugar and don’t admit; still tastes horrible.
Now: Need it for survival.
Drink it like a grown up: Black. (Not there yet.)

8. Dark Chocolate

Then: The consolation prize when all the milk chocolate’s gone.
Now: Anything over 70% cocoa makes you feel like a real, bill-paying adult.
Eat it like a grown up: Chocolate Espresso Bundt Cake with Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Glaze. Get the recipe.

9. Fish (That Isn’t Fish Sticks)

Then: Chicken, please.
Now: Flaky, light, and the classiest thing on the menu.
Eat it like a grown up: Oven-Baked Salmon with Clementines & Fennel. Get the recipe.

10. Eggplant

Then: Too weird. Too weird. Won’t try. Won’t try.
Now: Meaty vegetable, whoa.
Eat it like a grown up: Eggplant Caprese Salad. Get the recipe.

11. Smelly Cheese

Then: Knew nothing about life.
Eat it like a grown up: Oven-Baked Camembert with Honey Roasted Figs. Get the recipe.

12. Runny Eggs

Then: Slimy, slippery, and sometimes goopy,
Now: So, so lucky that Sunny-side-up forgave you.
Eat it like a grown up: Fried Egg and Mango Salsa Waffle. Get the recipe.

13. Cottage Cheese

Then: Lumpy, spoiled milk.
Now: Cheese + Caramelized Fruit = Lesson learned.
Eat it like a grown up: Honey Walnut Broiled Peaches with Cottage Cheese. Get the recipe.

14. Avocados

Then: Mushy and green.
Now: Guac! Guac! Guac!
Eat it like a grown up: Spiced Black Bead, Grilled Avocado, and Goat Cheese Tacos. Get the recipe.

15. Tomatoes

Then: Squishy, seedy, and thrown at poor Fozzie Bear.
Now: Delicate, light, and loyally magical with basil.
Eat it like a grown up: Tomato, Feta & Honey Toasts. Get the recipe.

16. Oatmeal

Then: Sugary cereal only. With a toy in the box? Even better.
Now: Full and energetic? Oh, this is what it feels like to be a functional person in the morning.
Eat it like a grown up: Apple Pie Oatmeal. Get the recipe.

17. Olives (Or Any Veggies) on Your Pizza

Then: Black eyeballs. This isn’t your pizza. Close box.
Now: Still hate it. But you keep thinking you’ll change your mind.
Eat it like a grown up: Sausage and Olives Pizza. Get the recipe.

18. Salads

Then: This CAN’T be something humans are supposed to enjoy.
Now: Who wants to go to Chop’t?
Eat it like a grown up: Butternut Squash Salad. Get the recipe.

19. Mushrooms

Then: Fungus.
Now: Valuable in Super Mario; valuable in life.
Eat it like a grown up: Garlic Butter Mushroom & Provolone Melt. Get the recipe.

20. Spicy Food

Then: Why would you eat something that hurts?
Now: Even when it burns, you keep going for more.
Eat it like a grown up: Thai Tom Yum Goong Soup. Get the recipe.

21. Okra

Then: Slime’s reserved for Nickelodeon.
Now: Anything roasted goes through divine transformation.
Eat it like a grown up: Roasted Okra With Chili Oil. Get the recipe.

22. Onions

Then: Tears.
Now: Tears of joy.
Eat it like a grown up: Savory Onion Galette. Get the recipe.

23. Anchovies

Then: Fish in a can.
Now: You understand the power of umami.
Eat it like a grown up: Mussels with Leek, Anchovies and Sherry Cream Sauce. Get the recipe.

24. Broccoli

Then: Cute little trees! Fun to play with! But still yucky.
Now: You’re SO sorry—should’ve had more respect.
Eat it like a grown up: Garlic Roasted Broccoli with Balsamic Vinaigrette. Get the recipe.

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