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    Oh My Goth!

    For every person aching to know what it means to be Gothic.

    Most people think Goths wear white foundation, dark makeup, and black attire religiously.

    Goths rock out to heavy rock music like Marilyn Manson or Korn.

    Gothic people wreak havoc in the streets.

    "It's just a phase."

    Or, worse... They worship Satan.

    Originally, Goths emerged before the sixth century and came from Scandinavia.

    They believed in Paganism and eventually converted to Catholicism in the seventh century.

    After the Middle Ages were over, they still clung on to the Medieval style, but they intertwined it with their new Catholic beliefs. And bam! Gothic Architecture was born.

    Fast forwarding to the Nineteenth Century: Poe among other literary writers gave rise to Dark Romanticism, otherwise known as Gothic Literature.

    In the twentieth century, the Goth Movement rose again as a response to the crisis of Watergate during the 70's.

    Afterwards, Goths began to resonate with the monsters depicted in the horror film genre of the 80's and 90's and incorporated them into their aesthetic style.

    Today, the Modern Goth Movement still embraces the dark elements of life and accepts the realities of the strange like their former Gothic ancestors.

    Modern Gothicism screams individuality.

    Modern Goths are also communal and open to diversity.

    So whether Goths look different or might frighten you...