25 Signs That You Are Incredibly Lazy

Take a look at these symptoms and diagnose yourself: occasional couch-potato or practicer of lazy as lifestyle?

1. It’s 8PM and you haven’t left your house (or pajamas) all day.

And you probably don’t have as much energy as this guy.

2. Your favorite saying: “I don’t feel like it.”

Fat chance.

3. You wake up really thirsty in the middle of the night but walking 20 feet for water is just too much work.

Later, this is what your dream looks like.

4. You know full well about the benefits of “sneaking exercise into your daily life” but you take the escalator anyways.

Even when taking the stairs is obviously the faster route.

5. Your plants and fish seem to die unusually young.

Even desert plants are not spared.

6. Today would be the perfect day for the beach (and you live nearby) but you settle for the virtual version.

This is most likely your screensaver.

7. You haven’t touched a book in a library since your “class tour” in elementary school.

You might not even recognize that this is, in fact, a library.

8. You never toast your Poptarts.

If you are feeling unusually motivated, click on the link below for a hilarious Poptart-related story.

9. You have dry skin that could easily be solved by putting on lotion. However, that takes far too much effort.

Doesn’t that look nice?

10. You ignore your text tone for no reason.

“Let me wait until I’m finished doing absolutely nothing.”

11. You would rather break your ankle than step foot in a gym.

Atleast you could wouldn’t have to walk in a wheelchair.

12. You use hot water from the sink to make coffee (instant, obviously) and tea.

Kettles and microwaves require too many steps.

13. You put off walking across the room to charge your computer until it dies on you in the middle of a show.

That would be instant coffee in his cup.

14. You only registered for two classes because you didn’t feel like reading the course catalog.

Not to mention downloading…

15. Shaving your legs is a process that you divide over several days.

After passing this test.

16. You own or have seriously considered owning this.

Bonus points if you ordered it over the phone after watching the infomercial.

17. Your consider painting your nails. But you’d have to clip them, file them, and track down the nail polish remover.

Sometimes you rock the chipped trend.

18. You don’t take your meds because you can’t be bothered to figure out how to take off the damn cap.

If these meds are uppers, this could contribute to your laziness.

19. You’ve been wondering for years if pink lemonade comes from pink lemons, but can’t be burdened with pulling up Google.

I still don’t know the answer…

20. Reading this post was an Olympian task.

Pat yourself on the back!

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