13 Reasons Why Karl Stefanovic Is The Best Thing To Wake Up To

Short of waking up to Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling and cronuts.

For those who don’t know: this adorable man is Karl Stefanovic, one of the hosts of the Today Show.

And he is one of Australia’s most ridiculous (and therefore beloved) Morning Show hosts.
For all the right reasons.

1. Candid moments you just can’t fake

Like when Karl lost it over this farmer’s joke about his misplaced wedding ring…

2. His unwavering ability to get laughs, and he doesn’t even “get it”

Like when he had the “Flaming Ron” AKA the HOTTEST PIE AKA death.
Check it out at 3:59

3. Because: facial expressions

Karl say ROAR

4. His emotional football related outbursts (cough cough, State of Origin)


The State of Origin Rugby League clash between New South Wales and Queensland is a rivalry on the same level as the University of Michigan and Ohio State. Shit is INTENSE.

5. His moves

Because: Moves.

6. That time he was drunk at the Logies

He once did an entire segment at 5:30 a.m. completely schwasted from the night before.
He giggles, he goes on barely-relevant tangents, he has the attention span of a lost puppy.
It’s utterly fascinating.

7. His brutal honesty about his opinions regarding Miley Cyrus

Not hatin’ Miles, we love how you twerk

8. He could absolutely do puppets- even with slime.

“He’s like Gandi, but better, he likes Puppets”

9. His Enthusiasm

Don’t hold back Karl. Don’t you EVER hold back.

10. He knows what is important…

Look at that focus!

11. He knows when to bail

Like this time he got all the way down the hill…then fell off at a standstill.

12. He’s Majestic

Like James Bond. Or an Albatross

13. And he is a Sexy Beast


We love you, and in the words of your hero Miley Cyrus: You Can’t Be Tamed(and that’s how we like it).


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