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    This Beach Towel Tote Is A Must Have This Summer

    More room to store snacks!

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    2-In-1 Beach Towel Tote



    1 towel

    Scrap fabric

    Fabric Glue

    Sewing kit (optional)

    Rope or other material for strap



    1. Lay towel flat on the floor or table.

    2. Decide how big you would like your final bag to be. Make sure your scrap fabric is at least double this size, plus room for hemming.

    3. Cut your fabric. It should look like a rectangle right now.

    4. Hem your fabric using fabric glue or by sewing.

    5. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise. It should look like a square.

    6. Place the folded fabric centered at the bottom of the towel, flush against the bottom edge of the towel.

    7. Iron the fabric area.

    8. Sew 3 sides of the fabric onto the towel. Do not sew the side that is across from the bottom edge of the towel.

    9. Add strap using fabric glue or by sewing.

    10. Let dry overnight.

    11. To turn the towel into a tote, flip the tote area inside out and stuff it with the rest of the towel.

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