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10 Reasons Why Taylor Swift Is A One-Of-A-Kind Awkward Role Model

Some people are just awkward. Hey, just embrace it.

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2. At least she admits that her weird tendencies may have led to loneliness.

thesayinwonderland.tumblr.com / Via rowe1013iheartts.tumblr.com

Admitting weirdness is the first step. Thanks, Tay, for helping us realize that weirdness can be something that not everyone accepts but at least us weirdos have each other.

4. Directly relates to every awkward girl who secretly binges on law and order episodes.

CBS / Via tswizzlehelps.tumblr.com

Yup, this definitely might be the truth of many girls who don't have a male companion. Thank you, Taylor for making watching 24 episodes of law and order in a row a normalcy.

9. She understands the meaning of jamming out in your bedroom.

TaylorSwiftvevo / Via taygifs.tumblr.com

Now this is definitely something I know everyone can relate to. Who knows, maybe you even did this to one of Taylor's songs?

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