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    The Top 20 Reasons Why Kathleen Wynne Rocks

    We've combined, for your convenience, a few reasons why the Premier of Ontario and Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party is one of the most - if not the most - fabulous political leaders in Canada. To learn more about Kathleen Wynne and why she rocks, check out

    1. She takes selfies.

    2. She's a grandma, but she can still out-run you.

    3. She's trying to get all you Millennials a job.

    4. She also wants you to pay less for tuition.

    5. She has Instagram

    6. She wore sequined red Chuck Taylors with a pant suit ... while talking about the economy.

    7. She is Ontario's first female Premier...

    8. And Canada's first openly gay Premier. Ever.

    9. She calls out Stephen Harper. All the time.

    10. She’ll go to Pride with you.

    11. She wants you to make more money ...

    12. So you can retire securely.

    13. And speaking of securing your retirement, she has a plan for that too.

    14. She uses Katy Perry’s “ROAR” as her campaign song.

    15. Her first moment of political activism: she was sent home from school for fighting a no-pants-for-girls-rule.

    16. She got into politics to fight against Mike Harris and his cuts to education.

    17. She participated in Canada’s first running press conference.

    18. She might be the only Premier to hula-hoop. And she’s really good at it.

    19. She had a book written just for her. By her 4-year-old granddaughter.

    20. She believes government is a force for good and wants to help people.