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    • taral13

      Classism/racism and governmental control of society are absolutely present in the series, but to make them out as “harsh realities” is pretty ignorant. They exist in the series forareason-they’re makingastatement. Protagonists are actively struggling with and fighting against them. They’re symbols for issues that the real world has dealt with in the past or is still dealing with today. The bit at the end, how the wizarding world is just North Korea with wands-well, yeah, because not every country in the world has the same “freedom” that the USA does. Idon’t think the author of that article realizes how all these nasty things in the wizarding world STILL ACTUALLY EXIST in the real world too. Wizards and witches are actively kept ignorant? Uh, no. They’re being given the education they need to function in the wizarding world. They aren’t being forced to attend Hogwarts, and should they decide the wizarding world isn’t for them and they’d like to return to the Muggle world, they’re free to do so, and continue or beginaMuggle education. Not to mention certain Hogwarts courses like, oh, MUGGLE STUDIES whichIstrongly doubt is solely about how Muggles live. It very likely incorporates standard Muggle education like math and language. Arthur Weasley gets paid less because of his stance on equality? Not quite. He’s passed up many opportunities to move up toahigher-paying position because of his love of Muggles and his desire to stay in the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office. That doesn’t mean he’s getting paid less for loving Muggles. It means he’s getting paid less because he chooses to work inasmall and comparitively insignificant department which probably doesn’t getabig chunk of the MInistry’s budget because law enforcement and international magical cooperation are more important. The governmet spies on citizens and keeps records. Oh, yes, because that DEFINITELY doesn’t happen every minute of every day in the real world. Idefinitely don’t have three pieces of identification issued by the government. Idefinitely don’t have to inform them of my financial earnings each year. They definitely don’t have by newborn fingerprints on file. Nope, my government doesn’t keep any records of its citzens whatsoever.

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