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    28 Signs You're A Wanderlust Kid At Heart

    For all you travel junkies.

    First click play, then scroll.

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    1. You were probably a bird in your past life

    2. Because the thought of having an office job terrifies you

    3. Basking in nature's filth will always be glorious

    No matter how old you are

    David Hallock / Via Flickr: oruwu

    4. Nothing soothes your soul more than a cozy campfire

    5. You surf waves

    6. Snow

    7. Sand

    8. Concrete

    9. And couches


    on a regular basis

    10. You have zero hesitation when it comes to cliff jumping

    11. You're basically an adrenaline junkie

    12. You thrive at music festivals

    13. And road trips


    14. You take selfies with turtles


    15. Perhaps you wear your art on your sleeve


    16. Or your back

    17. You literally crave travel




    18. There's really no slowing you down

    19. While your friends are making down payments on homes

    You're purchasing a plane ticket to New Zealand

    20. It's impossible for you to keep up with the latest TV shows

    Orange is the new what??

    21. You want to live every day

    Like it's your last

    22. You're always planning your next big adventure

    23. You have a sincere passion to try new things


    24. And visit new cities

    25. And swim in cool places

    26. You'd go to outer space if you could

    Because there's just so much to see

    27. You're not even reading this post right now

    Via Samantha Sharpee

    28. Because you're too busy conquering the world

    To all the wanderlust kids out there

    And the wannabes alike

    Get UP

    Be FREE




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