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10 Quotes From The UNCG Library To Help You Out On Exam Week

These vandalized quotes really care.

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9. Smile... you are beautiful!

Nevermind those under-eye bags from studying all night, the unkempt hair and "I don't care anymore" hoodie, this wall thinks your beautiful no matter what!

8. Take Chances and Love Each Day

Even if 'each day' is going to be spent in the Jackson library frantically trying to cram for 3 exams at the same time and finding gems like these in the cubbies.

6. You Matter!

Joyce Castillo and Sara aren't the only ones that matter...even if you're in a class so large the teacher doesn't even bother with attendance, this post-it thinks otherwise!

2. You can choose to be happy, ya know?

You can also choose to watch Netflix instead of study... but maybe it's time to get our priorities straight. (Hey, you're reading about studying instead of watching Netflix, that's a start.)

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