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    People Are Not OK After Watching This Gut-Wrenching Deleted Scene From "Zootopia"

    Completely wrecked.

    Zootopia is adored by babies, kids, teens, parents, and (probably) grandparents alike.

    Because the film is both a cute story about cute animals, all while allegorically and masterfully weaving in more complicated themes, like race.

    Which is pretty loaded stuff already. But a deleted scene from the original storyboard that was featured on the DVD, now uploaded online, is heavier and darker than anything anyone could have fathomed.

    In the clip, named "The Taming Party," Officer Judy and Nick escape capture and end up at a commencement event.

    There they witness a cub being initiated into adulthood ("a big bear") being given a shock collar.

    And reciting a pledge that begins, "With this collar Zootopia welcomes you."

    There is a moment of hesitation from the initiator, the cub's father, before he reluctantly locks the collar around his cub. Clapping and celebration ensues.

    But when the cub gets too excited, the collar shocks him. His father is heartbroken, and the crowd is left silent.

    The scene ends with Judy looking back at, and noticing, the shock collar around Nick.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaand human heart is officially in stomach.

    Needless to say, people were left holding pieces of themselves together.

    That deleted scene with the shock collars and the polar bears in Zootopia FUCKING KILLS ME. I CRY EVERY DAMN TIME. DAMN THAT SHIT IS DARK.

    Okay that storyboarded Zootopia scene with the taming party just ripped my heart out.

    The "taming party" version of Zootopia is waaaaay more depressing than what is in your head.

    It was hard to recover.

    i just rememberd the taming party deleted scene from zootopia and now im upset

    I just watched the "Taming Party" deleted scene on the Zootopia Bluray. Holy hell. It tore my heart out like goddamn Mola Ram.

    holy fuck the entire deleted storyline for zootopia + the taming party scene is sO FUCKED UP I'M SHIVERING

    And some wondered what the movie could have been.

    Wow... the "Taming Party" deleted scene destroyed my heart. Part of me wants to see what the darker movie would've been like. #Zootopia