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We Now Have A Misshapen Mr. Potato Head To Encourage Kids To Love Ugly Food

Tiny-black-bowler-hat's off to you, Hasbro.

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So, in an effort to shape kids' — and adults', for that matter! — habits to pick and appreciate imperfect produce, Hasbro teamed up with ASDA (a grocer in the UK) and created a limited edition "Wonky" Mr. Potato Head toy. He was given an adorable Picasso treatment.

Produce-delivery company Imperfect Produce praised Hasbro’s “support for the ugly produce movement.”

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"Food waste for a long time didn't get the airtime it deserves, so we welcome celebrity allies like Mr. Potato Head," Ben Simon, a rep for the company, told BuzzFeed. "I hope he can make people smile and realize how silly these cosmetic standards for produce really are. [They] should introduce a Buzz Lightyear Carrot toy next :)."

Tanya Chen is a social news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Chicago.

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