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13 Weeds You Can Eat Without Dying

Fancy feasts from your own backyard—fo' free! Also great if you're ever stranded in the wild and need to not die.

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3. Lamb's Quarters

Taste: Close cousin to spinach; also known as "wild spinach."

Best cooked: Sautéed, or if you're feeling a little adventurous, mashed into a yummy and healthy pesto.

BONUS: Full of calcium, protein, and vitamins, this weed is one of the healthiest wild-grown veggies you can have.

Found specifically in the northeast region.


5. Red Clovers

Taste: Sweet and floral.

Best cooked: Not cooked, but kept raw! Or steeped in a hot tea.

BONUS: When used in teas, It helps eases symptoms of a cold and it's got a generous amount of calcium, magnesium, potassium, niacin, thiamine, and Vitamin C.

*but take precautions when ingesting during pregnancy

6. Plantains (no, the other kind)

Taste: Nutty and asparagus-like.

Best cooked: By boiling and/or sautéing its leaves.

BONUS: Plantain weeds are literally found in most backyards/sidewalk cracks but they have a great nutritional palette of iron and important vitamins and minerals.


10. Chickweed

Taste: Spinach-y and corny

Best cooked: Uncooked, sprinkled in a fresh salad.

BONUS: They're loaded with vitamins, minerals, and omega-6 fatty acid. But be careful: eating too much can and will lead to diarrhea.

Generally found in California and well-watered regions.

13. Pennycress

Taste: Garlicky

Best cooked: By mashing its seeds into a mustard (again, for the adventurous ones).

BONUS: They're found everywhere! But be aware that these guys will soak up most minerals around them, so do not forage from contaminated soils.

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