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A Dog Has Been Honoured For Standing By His Owner For 40 Hours After A Deadly Car Crash

Sako is a Canadian canine hero.

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Last year, Sako and his owner were thrown out of their car after it tumbled more than 100 meters down a steep embankment.

Sako's owner Joseph, who was only 16 years old then, was on a road trip through British Columbia with two other family members and a friend. Sako and Joseph were the only two who were thrown out of the vehicle during the fall — and the sole survivors of the crash.


During those 40 hours Sako would huddle close to keep Joseph warm, and dragged him to a nearby creek so he could drink water.

"Sako kept my son warm and helped him survive," Joseph's mother told BC's daily paper The Province, adding that Sako also, apparently, "fought off bears and kept the cougars away."