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16 Reasons You Need More Spice In Your Life

Spicy food, that is, because PAIN IS PLEASURE.

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1. Chili peppers can improve your heart health.

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Peppers have proven to lower the effects of LDL (or, the "bad cholesterol"), which can lead to heart issues. Studies also show cultures who eat a lot of spicy food have lower rates of heart attack and stroke.

2. It also jumpstarts your metabolism and helps you lose weight.

Capsaicin, a huge component of chili peppers, has thermogenic qualities that can boost your metabolism by 8% after a meal.

This temporary boost can help suppress your cravings.

4. And certain spices, like turmeric, can help alleviate depression.

Often called a "spice of life," the ingredient found in a lot of South Asian cuisine has profound anti-inflammatory properties, among other health benefits, like improving your mood.


5. Turmeric also helps to clear your airways, allowing you to breathe better.

Its yellow pigment has properties that protect your lungs from outside pollutants and proteins that cause inflammation. Studies show it can lower risks of acute lung injury, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and allergic asthma.

6. Research has found spices have the ability to kill cancer cells.

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The same component, capsaicin, can kill certain cancer and leukemia cells by attacking its mitochondria. Our familiar friend turmeric has also been found to slow the spread of cancers and growth of tumors.

8. Although it can induce a little bit of pain, it can alleviate a little bit of pain as well.

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This same compound, capsaicin, releases a strong pain-relieving quality when ingested. Other antioxidant components also relieve pain by reducing inflammation.


9. Dried red peppers have all the flavors without the added calories, fat, or sugar.

Using red pepper flakes is one of the healthiest flavoring alternatives when you cook. There are only 6 calories and 1 gram of carbohydrate in a teaspoon.