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    19 Reasons Why Potatoes Are The Most Perfect Food

    They can be cooked 1,000 ways and still remain supreme.

    1. Because they can be mashed into soft heavenly clouds.

    2. Because they can be cut and fried into beautiful sticks of splendor.

    3. Because they somehow become EVEN MORE DELICIOUS when curly.

    4. And EVEN EVEN MORE DIVINE when waffled.

    5. Because they are allowed to be mashed and fried into tiny glorious bites of tots.

    6. Because McDonald's can hash them into lusciously brittle patties.

    7. Because they can be diced into wonderfully golden and glazed brunch accessories.

    8. Or flattened to create perfectly browned latkes.

    This recipe here.

    9. Because potatoes in soup (with a lil' bit of cheese) make the best comfort food.

    This recipe here.

    10. Because when you layer potatoes au gratin, they become almost godlike.

    This recipe here.

    11. Or when they are remixed with sausage and cream for an even more magical experience.

    12. Because their lush texture and taste can be served cold.

    This recipe here (it's vegan!).

    13. Because they can be baked in their original form and remain delectable.

    14. Or sliced then grilled to perfection.

    15. Because these bad boys are the numero uno of crunchy munchies.

    16. Because their baby counterparts are just as darling as they are delicious.

    This recipe here.

    17. Because there is basically NOTHING you can do to a potato that will defeat its holy taste.

    18. NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19. Except maybe keeping it raw.

    But whatever, POTATOES RULE.