18 Pains Short People Experience At Bars

It’s a thing, OK?

1. Getting served is the realest struggle ever.

2. Or just getting the bartender to notice you at all.

3. No one can see you because it’s dark as fuck and you don’t even exist at anyone’s eye level.

4. And when you finally lock eyes with someone and get to flirting, their eyes are, like, a million miles away.

5. Making out can be terribly awkward.

6. And just avoid dancing promiscuously. It’s just… The proportions don’t work out.

@therealgrumpycat / Via instagram.com

7. The drunker ones always end up picking you up.

8. Your fab outfit often goes completely unnoticed.

9. So you go to great, painful lengths.

Give. Me. Height.

10. But all your giraffey friends do too, so it doesn’t even make a difference.

11. Getting sandwiched in a conversation with two tall people is practically reliving your entire childhood.

Down here, guys.

12. Automatic toilets never recognize your presence to flush.

13. And your posse can never find you.

Or, rather, you were standing under their armpit and they didn’t see you.

14. But you’ve learned some tricks along the way to overcome such adversities.

15. Like always sitting on a high stool.

16. Or recruiting a short force to roll out with.

17. Or not letting anyone stand in your sexy dim bar light.

18. Because no matter the circumstance, nothing can stop you from being the funnest bitch.

Now go on witcho’ fun-sized self!

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