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Here's What Some Of Your Favorite 2000s One-Hit Wonders Look Like Now

They're still at it.

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Ryan Cabrera, "On The Way Down" (2004) Vs. Now

Important update: This guy's really managed to stay in the spotlight over the years, appearing in The Hills, dating its cast members, and consistently making appearances at media events. On the way up, I guess.


Crazytown, "Butterfly" (2000) Vs. Now

Important update: After several heartbreaking setbacks — two of their original band members passed away and their frontman Shifty Shellshock fell into a momentary coma — the band is venturing to make a comeback. In 2014, they have new band members and are working on a new album (their last album was in 2002).

Howie Day, "Collide" (2004) Vs. Now

Important update: At the peak of his career in 2004, Howie was arrested for locking a woman in a bathroom and breaking another woman's phone after they allegedly rejected his sexual advances. Today, he's focused on his music, most recently crowdfunding for a new album.


Toya, "I Do" (2001) Vs. Now

Important update: According to her Twitter, Toya seems to have a perfectly normal life, tweeting about topical issues and just the commonday ones: "Good Morning all! Bout to head to gym....gotta get right!"

Hurricane Chris, "A Bay Bay" (2007) Vs. Now

Important update: Last year, Chris had several suggestive song titles with one reoccurring theme: "Down South", "Bend It Over", "Go Crazy", and "Pu**sy on Me".

Melissa Schuman of Dream "He Loves U Not" (2000) Vs. Now

Important update: One-fourth of the girl group Melissa Schuman carved out a little acting career after the band broke up in 2003. She's made appearances in movies like Love Don't Cost a Thing and The Hallow. Most recently, though, she's started vlogging about health and dieting.


Bubba Sparxxx "Ms. New Booty" (2005) Vs. Now

Important updates: After overcoming drug addiction, Bubba Sparxxx moved to a farm, began working out, and has refocused his time to music. Earlier this year, he recounted his life after "Ms. New Booty" to BuzzFeed.

Daniel Powter, "Bad Day" (2006) Vs. Now

Important update: In 2012, Japanese singer May J. featured Daniel Powter in a song called "Back To Your Heart". Daniel sings an English line that goes "You're the one who let me go/ When you had a bad day." He also appears in the music video.

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